Mobile Gaming In China- Statistics And Trends

May 5, 2015

Did you know that the mobile-game market in China is estimated to $7.4 billion in revenue by 2018? China’s technology and creativity are driving the growth of its gaming market, after a few years of near-misses. All this makes us very curious to know more about the Chinese mobile gaming market. Average time spent by Chinese mobile gamers on mobile games every day? Favorite mobile game genres in China? These and other questions are answered in our infographic, “Mobile Gaming In China- Statistics And Trends”. Take a look!

Mobile Gaming China

Infographic by GO Globe web design Hong Kong

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Estimated Chinese Mobile gaming Market Revenue

YearRevenue (in USD Billion)


The estimated number of mobile gamers in China is 450 Million

Chinese Mobile Gamers’ Demographics



45% of mobile gamers play only single-player games.

Estimated Time Spent by Gamers on Mobile Games Per Day

Time SpentPercentage
Less than 10 minutes19.4%
10-20 minutes16.3%
20-30 minutes17.1%
30-60 minutes17.2%
1-2 hours14.5%
2-4 hours9.8%
More than 4 hours5.7%


40.9% of Chinese mobile gamers only play those games that are free to play.

iOS mobile gamers spend 4.5 times more as compared to Android mobile gamers.

Favorite Mobile Games By Genre

Casual Games33.0%
Racing Games20.2%
Role-playing Games17.4%


96% of Chinese mobile devices have at least one game app installed on them.

The average mobile gamer installs a new mobile game every 3.48 days.

Number Of Games Installed Per MonthPercentage


There are 1.6 Chinese gamers for every American gamer

Estimated Average Revenue Per Paying User of Chinese Mobile Gamer is $32.46 as compared to $26.72 in US

Tencent dominated China mobile game market with 7 out of the top 10 mobile games

RankGame NamePublisher
1Gunz DashTencent
3QQ Fight the LandlordTencent
4Speed UpTencent
5AripopHappy Elements
6Rhythm MasterTencent
7Craz3 MatchTencent
8National War PlanesTencent
9Temple Run 2IDreamSky
10Thunder FightTencent

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