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GO-Globe has more than 10-years of experience in helping businesses to maximize their revenue through the expert use of digital media and custom web development. We have a broad international client base and an active market presence in diverse contexts stretching from Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Our industry proven process has been refined through experience and is optimized to enable you to take advantage of the global market place and unlock your digital potential.

Why GO-Globe – custom web development?

  •     Everything we do is built on the foundation of maximizing the return on investment for our clients.
  •     The latest trends in user behavior metrics are a critical input to inform the development of our custom web applications.
  •     User interfaces that are appealing to view and intuitive to work with.
  •     Our project management approach is client-centric to ensure the right level of client influence in each phase.
  •     A premier Quality Assurance program to maintain the highest standards.
  •     Solutions built with extendibility in mind to allow for future business growth.
  •     Transparency in all policy, pricing and dealings with no hidden conditions.
  •     Guaranteed 24-hours response to technical queries.
  •     Professional European management team with vast international experience.


Your website represents your identity to customers, clients and stakeholders in your business. The online marketplace never sleeps and as such your website is reaching out into this global environment constantly. The quality of your web identity is critical to build trust with your customers and provide connection to the products and services you offer. It is impossible to underestimate the value of the investment you make in forming your web identity and it pales in comparison to the investment made in physical offices and amenities, which have a much smaller reach. Your web identity is your most powerful voice to your global customer base.

GO-Globe has a systematic approach to web design and custom web application development that ensures a perfect fit to your business model. This approach has been proven successful to engage and keep loyal and returning customers for your business.

Web Design
Web Design

What you can expect:

  •     Collaborative workshops to map out your business processes and requirements.
  •     The expertise to develop the technical plan based on the workshop results.
  •     Highly creative UX team to develop the wireframe informational architecture
  •     Web interfaces that are appealing and easy to engage with.
  •     Leading content management system technologies to ensure high level data security.
  •     World-class quality assurance system to verify the standards of the project development.

This customer-centric approach has been the key to the successful completion of over 500 projects by GO-Globe. With this kind of track record, it is clear that GO-Globe has the knowledge and understanding to advance your business into the global online marketplace. Please review the solutions on offer and let us help you to create your web identity and move your business forward.

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Web Design

Access to your global market using E-commerce opens the door of your business to literally millions of new potential customers. Revenue figures that would be impossible to achieve with physical shops and offices have become normal business in the online environment. In order to remain competitive in this rapidly changing business environment, taking advantage of E-commerce and opening an E-shop is a critical business strategy. All this has been made possible with the rapid progress of information system technologies, which make it possible to automate standard business functions so that business can be done instantly.

Purchases can now be made at the click of a mouse and invoices are automatically generated from the system. Payments by the customer reflect in your account immediately and as soon as payment is confirmed, the shipping instructions are automatically generated, too. Items can now be dispatched almost instantly leading to very high levels of customer satisfaction. All of the costs associated with maintaining a physical shop, offices and warehousing can almost be eliminated completely.

Through the solutions that GO-Globe offers, many of our customers have shown direct improvements in their bottom line. These E-commerce solutions give direct access to the vast potential of the online global marketplace.

Please contact us and let our E-commerce specialist help you to take your business online.

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Web Design

Custom web applications are built around your specific business processes. It is possible to move away from paper-based systems with all their wastage and inefficiency into a purely electronic system. Records can be generated, forwarded for review and stored for future access by simple online custom applications. The automatic push notification can be used to keep everyone in the loop at any stage.

GO-Globe has more than 10-years experience in developing state of the art bespoke applications to give our clients the edge over their competitors in the global online market.

One of the most value adding and popular applications that GO-Globe makes available to our clients is GO-Intranet. Workflow automation, inter-company file sharing, a chat module, surveys, leave module, job module and many more features make this product an ideal fit to optimize the efficiency of your business.

Some areas of Custom Web Applications:
  • Intranet
    – a private network for internal company use, for more info read a case study.
  • Intranet
    an extension to the intranet providing controlled access to suppliers, vendors, partners and other stakeholders.
  • Intranet
    business management software integrating many diverse business applications.
  • Intranet
    single point access to Real Estate, Jobs, Auction, Travel, Booking
  • Intranet
    Bank & Payment Gateway Integration

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Web Design

A corporate identity is a way of describing the distinctive character of your business in the online marketplace. It is on the basis of this identity that customers build and maintain their relationship with your business and it endures even when structures and operations change over time.

GO-Globe will evaluate your corporate identity and work to position you appropriately in the market. We have creative expertise to design your logo, business cards, brochures, letterheads and many other Identity related items.

Please contact us and let our consultancy specialists help you crystalize your corporate identity.

Web Design

Visibility in the online marketplace is key to engaging with potential customers, especially in the light of the competition. Potential customers are searching for information via search engines continuously. Search engine optimization is your key to being first in the customer’s mind.

GO-Globe uses recognized, recommended and organic techniques for search engine optimization. These techniques have proven to be so successful that we guarantee first page results for your website using standard popular search engines (like Google).

Please contact us and let our SEO specialists help you get onto the first page of results.

Web Design

Competitive analysis and business consulting are services offered by GO-Globe to maximize your return on investment in the global digital business environment. We adopt a collaborative approach to workshop around the answers to these simple questions:

  •    What is my competitive advantage?
  •    How well does my online platform connect with a typical user?
  •    Am I attracting new clients?
  •    What new features do my clients need from me?
  •    What should be my target market?
  •    What are my competitors doing better than me?
  •    What are the things I can do that will give me the biggest impact immediately?

Please contact us and let our consultancy specialists advise you on further details.

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