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Your web projects should be regarded as an investment that brings ROI. To achieve that, GO-Globe has been trusted by over 500 corporates since 2005 with the following investment packages to strengthen their online presence and profit.

Your web project is a valuable investment that should ultimately provide Return On Investment. GO-Gulf has specialized in custom web development since 2005 and has been trusted by more than 500 businesses, start-ups & individuals; offering and meeting our promise of a fully comprehensive service that boosts online presence and profit generation.

Please review the following packages, GO-team is always ready to provide further consultation over your preferred communications channel. (Phone calls, Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat, Meetings, Emails and more)


Our Business Package is economical yet aimed to provide maximum return on your investment through a custom web interface, making it an ideal solution for smaller/medium corporates. This is an advantageous & bespoke solution for displaying essential information within your products and services showcase, etc.

starts from 3,900 EUR


Our Corporate Package is best suited for larger e-commerce projects, multi-user web applications, and large scale corporate web projects. This is an outstanding option for web projects that require advanced features beyond core prerequisites; such as classifieds, extranet, intranet, payment gateways, a leads management system & web portals.

starts from 14,300 EUR



Our enterprise package is specifically tailored for large corporates, VIP projects as well as highly customized web projects that require & even demand top of the line features and functionality. This is a powerful solution for web projects, such as high-end ecommerce marketplaces and includes lead management systems, intranet, applicant tracking systems and much more. GO Enterprise utilizes web based software includes deep competitor analysis, building and testing prototypes as well as performance and security checks.

starts from 24,700 EUR


Hosting, server + email setup, email accounts setup, domain registration, and lifetime technical support. Responsive (mobile friendly), custom development powered by dynamic CMS, and cross browser compatibility. Source files are fully yours with no hidden costs or “annual and maintenance fees”. Did you know that the average lifespan of a custom web is 3 years? That means to calculate your daily investment you can divide 1095 days by total investment.