Rise of NFT: Facts & Trends [Infographic]

Created: Sep 20, 2022

Updated: June 19, 2024

"NFTs are digital assets that are not associated with any specific issuer. They can be anything from songs to video games, and they can be traded peer-to-peer without the involvement of financial institutions. NFTs emerged as a new asset class in 2017 when CryptoKitties became popular on the Ethereum blockchain.

The first NFT was CryptoKitties ‍on Ethereum blockchain in 2017. The game allows users to collect and breed virtual cats which have unique features or attributes such as fur patterns, eye colors, and tail types. With each cat"

NFTs are mainly used in the digital content industry. Content creators see their profits increase as the creators retain ownership of their content when NFTs power an economy that rewards and incentivizes creators.

Rarible - It's a democratic marketplace for artists & creators to issue and sell NFTs. Holders can also vote on features like fee rates and community rules

OpenSea - To start using OpenSea, simply create an account on our website and you can browse NFT collections or discover new artists. This platform is a great place to find rare digital items and collectibles.

Foundation - You need to get invited to post your art on this platform. This website is for higher quality artwork, assuming that the demand for NFTs stays at the same level or even rises over time."

"Digital transformation and adoption of blockchain technology, means that the employment landscape is changing. People are already working more with NFTs, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies than ever before and it will become an increasingly common practice.

In 2021 alone, crypto jobs on Indeed jumped by 118%. Blockchain and non-fungible tokens will bring more transparency to the digital sphere by proving ownership with digital bits. This will act as an economic incentive for their adoption. Younger generations like Gen Z are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs than stocks. This will fuel the growth of these markets as they become increasingly mainstream. Their investments can be compared to those of the older generation with assets, which have steadily increased in value over time."

Rise Of NFT: Facts & Trends

Biggest NFT sales worldwide

NFT ETH USD (in 1,000)
Beeple Everyday: The First 5000 Days 38,474.82 69,346.25
CryptoPunk 7804 4,200 7,820.52
CryptoPunk 3100 4,200 7,574.38
Beeple CROSSROADS 4,152.86 6,600
CryptoPunk 6965 800 1,545.93
CryptoPunk 4156 650 1,199.41
CryptoPunk 2140 750 1,069.04

Annual market cap of NFT: $ 338m

NFT in different segments

Segments $m
All 13,981.90
Collectible 7,130.05
Game 2,153.82
Art 2,107.57
Metaverse 630.99
Utility 75.5
DeFi 19.75
Undefined 1,864.22

NFT users worldwide

Number of unique wallets that either bought or sold an NFT asset

Year Users
Dec-19 44,785
Dec-20 51,775
Dec-21 363,692

GEO based interest

Interest Country
1st Hong Kong SAR
2nd Singapore
3rd China
4th Taiwan
5th Philippines
6th Lebanon

United Arab Emirates

NFT marketplaces

NFT marketplaces Sales in Million $
OpenSea 10,390
Axie Infinity 3,140
CryptoPunks 1,610
NBA Top Shot 728.23
Solanart 521.63
Rarible 264.69
AtomicMarket 208.11

Blockchains in overall NFT market size

Blockchain in %
Ethereum 63.78
BSC (Binance Smart Chain) 8.19
Tron 5.43
Avalanche 3.69
Solana 3.48

Top NFT Games to Play

 NFT Games Players
Axie Infinity 2.8 million daily active players
Alien Worlds 1.1 million users
Splinterlands 604,630
Bomb Crypto 561,610

Sunflower Farmers


Celebrities in NFT

1 Paris Hilton
2 Lindsay Lohan
3 Grimes
4 Snoop Dogg

Ellen DeGeneres

NFT Startups

Startup Growth Funding
Dapper Labs 5-year search growth: 1900% Funding: $607.5M (Series D)
Yield Guild 5-year search growth: 2000% Funding: $22.4M
Rarible 5-year search growth: 2200% Funding: $16M (Series A)

5-year search growth: 133%

Funding: $10M (Seed)

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