Importance of site optimization in today's competitive business [infographic]

Created: Mar 15, 2020

Updated: June 13, 2024

The eCommerce market is still growing at a fast rate. Since 2014 the global eCommerce sales have been growing at an average of 20% per year. However, this rise does not only increase the revenue, but the competition in the market. Especially big players like Amazon, Walmart, or Alibaba are pushing to increase their market share.

The digital leader in eCommerce is amazon and they put the customer at the center of their business and declare him as the main value of the company. Walmart is hiring a chief customer officer. In this way, they increase the quality of the user experience and serve the customer needs.

Impotance of site optimization

In today’s eCommerce world product and service prices are the main differentiators. Another main topic are the heightened expectations of customers. So, a lot of small businesses are struggling when they’re not keeping up to the set standards. Up to 80% of customers stopped buying from eCommerce sites because of poor customer experience.

In these fierce times it is essential for all eCommerce companies to optimize their sites. They can polish their content and show their superiority over their competitors. They need to focus on the customers and create the entire customer journey in a consistent way. Technical measures and SEO techniques will also improve the competitiveness to stand against the competitors.

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