10 Intranet Benefits for Small Businesses

Created: Feb 13, 2014

Updated: May 11, 2024

Here’s what you’re thinking – your company doesn’t have 100s of employees and you’re not a global concern, which automatically means you don’t need an intranet. Wrong. Communication suffers when you have more people than you can fit around a conference table. An intranet can save you a great deal of time and effort, and increase your business profits as well! Don’t you want to know more?

1. No More Communication Slip-ups

You’ve seen how any communication you put out changes flavor and tone by the time everyone hears of it. You cannot hold open house meetings every day to keep everyone on the same page, can you? Just put your information out on the intranet and everyone will get the right info, including traveling employees and virtual workers.

2. Eliminates Human Dependency

Are you prepared to conduct orientation classes for every new employee and follow up to ensure everyone knows the latest updates? Just post all important updates on the intranet. You’ll save your staff tons of time and eliminate human dependency where information is concerned. Everyone will know the latest company policies, processes, calendar and other important info.

3. Excellent Version Control

Imagine several of your sales team members contributing to a single spreadsheet. How would they coordinate this? Will they be updating the file individually and email it to each other? How do you stay on top of version controlling? Now imagine a single worksheet on your intranet, which can be simultaneously accessed and edited. Problem solved?

4. Consistent Updates Across The Org

When you need to put out important updates, you want to be sure everyone has the latest version of it. Emails don’t work in this case; think multiple versions and info overload. Neither will a cork board. What works is a well-designed intranet. Think business presentations, sales target stats, product sales charts, specs – you can see why you need a single source of info access, don’t you?

5. Higher Productivity

By reducing dependency on local storage and encouraging people to work collaboratively on intranet-housed docs, you’ll gain much. Firstly, you’ll save time, and boost efficiency. You’ll be saving hard disk space on individual computers as well. However, the best reward is the increased productivity you’ll achieve via heightened collaboration.

6. Secure Departmentalization

Sometimes you’ll want only select people to access and collaborate on certain confidential projects. An intranet offers you the best solution here. Just create secure access portals, and give access to the few you have in mind. Post updates as you choose, knowing that the info cannot be accessed by anyone else in the organization.

7. Uniform Delivery Of Tools And Resources

You want people within certain teams to be able to access certain resources and tools. Just put up the access on your intranet, and your employees will be able to access the resources easily. You don’t have to manually load the tools on each member’s system and keep updating them anymore. Just think of the time, effort and money you’ve saved!

8. Increased Inter-team Idea Collaboration

How about enabling different teams to chat and collaborate with each other via the intranet? Imagine how much this will benefit you. Let them share ideas and collaborate on internal forums on various topics. You can get them to suggest new product ideas. This will not only benefit your company’s bottom line but also boost employee morale, which leads to greater productivity and better ROI overall.

9. Reliability And Security

Your intranet can be accessed at any time internally, without dependence on bandwidth. This makes it possible for your employees to use it to the fullest. Information will be secure, since it’s all protected by internal firewalls. You can safely use your intranet as a secure database to disseminate important information at any time. Just enable tight security and secure access protocols and you’re good to go.

10. Higher ROI

Intranets are a cost-effective way of increasing collaboration and productivity. This will be especially apparent when it comes to collaboration on sales campaigns. There will be no more confusion with regard to sales target meets, since everything will be in a central location. All this spells higher ROI for your organization, both internally and externally.

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