Importance of Having a Multiple Languages Switcher on Your Business Website

Created: Jun 06, 2021

Updated: March 22, 2024

Regardless of your website niche, a language switcher is an important part of your website as it enables visitors from diverse backgrounds to get their hands on your website. This will result in increased traffic as those visitors will be re-visiting your website. Along with that, they will recommend your website further in their circle.

Arabs mostly have to deal with English websites for business purposes. Most Arab websites highlight using a language switcher and it has become their natural habit to look for a multiple language switcher. Even for their own business websites, they have this standard protocol to utilize a language switcher to target audiences from across the borders.

What is a Multiple Language Switcher?

A multiple language switcher is designed specifically to cater to the needs of the multilingual site. It allows the visitors of a multilingual site to get access to the language preferred by them. It allows the possibility to switch between the languages to read the content in desired and understandable language.

Displaying Options

A language switcher can be most commonly displayed in one of the three forms:

  • Text
  • Button
  • Dropdown

Whichever website you have, it will be displayed like this. These three displaying options of a language switcher will be displayed on a page that visitors can click to translate the content into the preferred language.

Despite having multiple displaying options, it is in the best interest of merchants where they chose to display it. A language translator must be displayed in such a way that it is clearly visible to the visitors when they visit your website. Giving visitors a convenient way to switch to their preferred language upon visiting your website is a key goal. Along with that, it is essential to improve the overall user experience for all websites, be it a multilingual website or an e-commerce store.

Now that you are aware of what is a multiple language switcher, let’s cover some of the basic tips that must be fulfilled.

Tips to Use Multiple Language Switcher

1.   Easy to Find

Make sure the language switcher you are choosing for your website is easy to find. It should be placed in a position where it is prominent and shouldn’t take more than a second for visitors to spot it. Mostly, it has been observed that visitors are accustomed to spotting it at the header, footer, or navigation of your multiple language website. Many multilingual websites have set their websites’ language switching with geographic auto-detection. It sets the language to that locale making it extremely easy and convenient for the visitors. Even after this, a language switcher is necessary in case the visitor wishes to access your website in the original language.

2.   Limit the Number of Languages Used

Multilingual plugins allow multiple options to choose languages. It is advisable to be selective when choosing multiple languages. Decide on those languages only that you need for your target audience. Also, there are several countries where multiple languages are spoken or have more than one official language. It is important to consider this as well.

3.   Style to Match Your Site Design

To make your multilingual website tempting, language switchers are customizable. You can change the design of the language switcher that suits well with your website. the design must be such that it is prominent and eye-catching to the visitors.

4.   Use Language Names Rather Than Flags

Language switcher can be in the form of a flag. But displaying flags can be confusing for many visitors as they are usually unaware of the flags of all countries. It is recommended to use the name of languages and that too in their local format for easy recognition.

Importance of a Multiple Language Switcher

Reaching New Audiences

There is always room for more audience. One of the most important benefits of adding a multiple language switcher to your website is that it expands your reach to approach a large audience. It enables you to target more consumer groups simultaneously.

Improve SEO

Language switcher is great for SEO and in this way you will be visible in new countries as well. The success of an online business is largely dependant on high-ranking among competitors. As long as the multilingual website is properly made, it will stand high in the market.


If the goal of your multilingual website is customer-centric, your business will flourish. Allowing your website visitors to visit your website in the preferred language increases overall brand reputations and credibility. providing target audiences with quality content in their preferred language earns you more respect. as a result, visitors will be spending more time on your website, and purchase more. Showing respect and appreciation to your target audience can create long-term trust between you and the audience.

Improve Brand Image

Multilanguage business websites give an idea that you are running a globally recognized business. this impression can bring in more audience and looks outstanding in the eyes of a visitor.

Understanding Culture

If you are planning to attract multiple audiences, you just need to have knowledge regarding their local culture and understand peculiarities. this will result in a more compelling final product and efficient sales.

Outdo Competitors

To outdo competitors, a multilanguage website is one of the best strategies available. the market is generally consumed by marketers leaving very little space for newcomers. language switchers can help you achieve the target by attracting a pool of audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Local Searches

It is the most cost-effective marketing solution available that will boost your local searches as well.

Concluding Remarks

Language switcher is a top priority for a website that has to access a target audience from multiple countries. A well-designed language selection option is a key to enhance the user experience.

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