How to Tell if You Need Graphic Design Help

Created: Dec 05, 2012

Updated: June 19, 2024

How skilled are you at diagnosing diseases? Sure, you  be able to tell if someone is sick if they re coughing and sniffling all over you, but if you re not a doctor, you  be hard-pressed to scientifically establish that your patient has, say, a bad case of “Holoprosencephaly.” The same goes with Graphic Design. It s easy to notice the symptoms that go along with having bad design (dwindling sales, poor brand recognition), but it can be quite difficult to get to the root of the problem.

Consider the following statements to help you determine if your current communications strategy is in good shape. Answer “yes” or “no” if the following statements apply to you:

  • I created the company brochure myself, in Microsoft Publisher
  • Our company doesn t have a logo, we just use our name in ALL CAPS
  • The boss s son put together the company website for free, when he was 12
  • I have no idea how to update our company website
  • Our logo doesn t really show up very well on faxes
  • I always put our logo on documents, but whenever I change the size, it looks squished

If you ve got mostly “yesses”, you need some help. Here s what a Graphic Design studio can do for you:

  • Develop a professional and cohesive identity package that ensures that your business cards, stationery and PowerPoint presentations all have a cohesive look
  • Create a new logo that speaks for your company, and give you the tools you need to use it without distorting it
  • Provide clear and attractive signage for the inside and outside of your building
  • Develop a website that s easy to navigate and even easier to update
  • Create promotional materials like brochures, HTML emails, and advertisements that look professional, and represent your company well … (by kevan, research by GO-Globe - Identity,Logo design from Dubai,Abu Dhabi)

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