Ecommerce Trends You Simply Cannot Ignore, 2015

Created: Mar 16, 2015

Updated: June 13, 2024

Mobile sales have gone up unprecedentedly in the last few years. The mobile market is more or less redefining ecommerce as we know it. What are the ecommerce trends predicted for 2015? Wouldn’t you like to know? Read on!

1. Social Media Product-discovery Will Hugely Affect Sales

Sales of products discovered via social media are going up. By the end of 2014, social-media fuelled orders grew at an unbelievable 202%. This percentage is likely to go up in 2015. Businesses, having discovered the power of effective social Ad targeting are going all at it now. FaceBook-fuelled product discoveries increased mobile-based sales to 7%, while only 5% of desktop-based sales benefited from FaceBook.

2. Huge Mobile Phones Will Impact Ecommerce In A Big Way

2014 rang in the era of big mobile phones, the bigger the better. These smart phones and phablets make it easy for people to shop on the go, which is definitely bumping up conversion rates. 2015 will see more people buying these large phones and shopping on them. The iPhone 6S converts the most, followed by Samsung

3. Mobile Ecommerce Will Overtake Desktop Commerce

According to new infographic by GO Gulf web design Dubai, conversion rate on mobile devices is 3 times more as compared to desktop. Mobile devices are responsible for bringing in more than a third of ecommerce sales worldwide. Mobile sales have skyrocketed by 175% in the last two years. The increase in sales can be credited to mobile-friendly responsive HTML sites and more people going mobile. Is it any wonder then that mobile ecommerce traffic has more or less overtaken desktop ecommerce this year?

4. 2015 Will See More Ecommerce Apps Out There

Everyone who’s anyone has an ecommerce app out there. We’re seeing it for online retailers, hotels, auctioneers and so on. These ecommerce apps have phenomenally increased sales through mobile phones for many businesses. 2015 will see ecommerce apps being released even by smaller businesses.

5. Growth In In-house Analytics

As more and more ecommerce are realizing that data is the way to success, we’re seeing greater focus on in-house analytical teams. Ecommerce decision-makers will invest less on enterprise tools and more on recruiting the right people to do data analysis and take decisions where required. According to the Econsultancy's Measurement and Analytics Report of 2014, many ecommerce owners have more than 5 people in their data analysis teams.

6. Cross-device Tracking Will Make A Big Difference To Conversions

Customers sometimes search for products using one device and complete the sale using another. With customers on the move all the time, ecommerce sites have to incorporate cross-device tracking tools to monitor customer behavior. These tools help track customer’s device patterns, including time of purchase, basket size and so on. This will help businesses to predict which device users are most likely to use to make the final purchase.

7. No More Emphasis On Global Locations

The word ‘location’ is doesn’t mean what it used to at one time. Brands are being pulled into newer regions by consumers, not businesses. It’s the consumers and social media and crowdsourcing that have the real power, not businesses. The blockchain sector didn’t exist until around 10 years ago. With the advent of this new suite of technologies, a raft of new cryptocurrency jobs has come onto the market, offering exciting opportunities for those qualified. Read this article for more information The good news here the automatic broader market diversity that consumerism brings may help those businesses that aren’t doing very well in their local economies.

8. The Always On Shopping Trend Will Rule

Ecommerce owners have to change how they test their websites and manage the gaps between their tests now, because people don’t stop shopping. People are now shopping day or night, while commuting, while at school, while in bed - via desktops, tablets, phablets and mobiles. Business owners have to allow for a more flexible shopping experience and run continuous tests.


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