10 Secrets of a Successful E-Commerce Shopping Basket

Created: Sep 07, 2020

Updated: June 13, 2024

Depending on your eCommerce store, you may need a shopping basket for your customers. Here, the step from shopper to buyer happens. The biggest problem successful retailers face is abandoned shopping carts. On average, about 70% of shopping baskets are abandoned. This led to 4 trillion US Dollars of missed revenue globally.

Here, we share the top ten secrets of the successful eCommerce shopping basket. You can fine-tune your cart with the recommended tips. So, you can optimize the off the shelf shopping cart of your favorite service provider. Keep in mind that about a third of all shoppers are just searching without the intention to buy. Besides this rule of thumb, there are secret ways to make your conversion rates thrive.

The main goal is to make your customers happy and ease their way of shopping. Optimize the basket for mobile experience and make them see their shopping progress all the time so that they can stay on their budget. Offer free shipping to encourage them to engage in upselling. Show related products for immediate addition to the basket.

The three most important secrets for high conversion rates are the following: Use the mini cart that shows a summary of the basket to be focused on for further shopping. Don’t force the shopper to create an account, because that is one of the top reasons for abandoning carts. And finally let there be no extra costs like shipping, taxes, and fees. Customers don’t like surprises, and they always want to know the real cost of the basket.

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