Why Your Business Needs An Extranet

Created: Nov 18, 2015

Updated: June 19, 2024

First thing first; what is extranet? In simple words a private network that takes the help of Internet technology along with public telecommunication system to share a certain part of a business’s information or any kind of operation with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, or other businesses.

To be a little more specific, an extranet tends to be a rather secluded spot that is reserved to use for certain users with the help of a secure password protected login system.

This sort of methodology is preferred to be applied to the businesses that require communicating and passing on their information with clients in order to make their business a lot more successful.

Sharing Information Made As Easy as 1-2-3

Email seems to come off as the only escape from the search of alternate methods to share files with outside parties; especially when you are not able to benefit from an extranet.

It is enough to have to dig up through a massive pile of emails just to find some certain information that you need now and seems to be buried deep down in your inbox. But to come across the amount of time you have consumed during this procedure is what hits you after it is all been done.

Not to worry, GO-Globe provides an extranet like no other! With the undeniable benefits of granting you access to any sort of information you might require regarding any given project or team. This includes relevant documentations that have been uploaded over the time but with a massive benefit of all being stored on a secured place forever!

Is it Safe and Reliable?

The information directory of any company is what keeps the secret to their success as the kerosene to their flame of success on a roll. This is the same question that arises in one’s mind when updating their personal information on a social networking site, it is bound to be right around the corner in this particular scenario as it also tends to include case sensitive details that are demanded to remain private.

That is what keeps GO-Globe extranet services on the topline; as they keeps your documents not only up to date but also has an intense security mechanism that only grants access to those files to a certain set of individuals with the help of a password protected login. Contact GO-Globe for development and configuration of extranet for your business

What are some Advantages of Extranet?

Cost Management – Saves the effort and cost by making all the documents available online for easy access.

Easy Access to Documents – This allows teams to work/download on a document, from multiple devices all at once or whenever necessary. With the help of collaboration with the help of Internet or “cloud” your security level will be maintained to avoid the risk of losing your information to be visible publicly as all documents fall under a network of authorized users only.

Helps Improve Customer Service. – Customers have direct access to all information they require which enables them to resolve their own enquiries saving them from any doubts possible.

Searches at the Speed of Light – Finding information required at the snap of their fingers, be it structured or unstructured.

Helps Improve and Boost Business Bonds. – The close collaboration between the two partners benefiting from an extranet which works as a boost in their relation.

Keep track of Sales Quotes – Tracking was just made easier! You can create a sales order or invoice with a single click from the Sales Quote. As a bonus you can avoid duplicating your work with a dynamic display of the billing and shipping addresses and terms & conditions while creating quotes.

Follow Appointments & Reminders - Your scheduling online transforms your website offering amazing self-service online appointments.

Flexible work – This is basically for your staff. But with the help of an extranet it makes access to documents far easier by allowing remote and mobile staff to get to the core business information at every second of the day; no hold ups!

What makes it Worthy Enough for Your Company?

  1. Massive Productivity Increase

Consider an extranet to be your guide to better productivity for your team that allows you to keep your information up-to-date and share it with a specific person or group, eliminating the fear of being ignored lost and buried under a pile of emails.

  1. Improve in Security Level

It’s simple, when the only way you can access your information/documents is after passing through a password protected login there is no way anyone can else can manage to get through to it. This on its own proves the level of security is high enough to keep private documents to yourself and the partner you wish to.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

There will be some upfront setup cost but it will covered after few months as you will be saving lots of documents, traveling cost required for inter offices communication. Above all you will be saving time of your employees to search for particular document as well as they will be able to perform duties more efficiently.

GO-Globe offers you with a double bonus of easy to set up as well as maintain – all you need to do is drop and email at [email protected] to setup extranet for your business.

  1. Flexibility

Only an extranet can help you fly high with delivery of data at the speed of lightning! It automatically eliminates the need to discuss every detail over the phone and keep an extra correspondence all the time. Partners will be able to access the stored data from any location at any time.

  1. Improved Quality Of Service

When your client seems comfortable with your extranet; that is when you’ll know they are comfortable with the entire partnership as it is. Employees can instant update the status of order which user can view instantly and keep himself updated throughout the process which helps in improving the quality of service. And since you’re already ahead of the game at meeting every technical demand of your client you have the competitive advantage right where it should be.

  1. Say No to Huge Attachments

Instead of giving your client a hard time with checking their inbox every second to avoid it from overflowing, you can simply share your documents on their extranet. Making it easier for you and your client to keep a check on whenever you need it.

  1. Improved Supply Chain

You supplier will be able to keep the stock updated when you connect supplier to manufacturing department through extranet. Whenever the stock level get below the specified limit the supplier will be notified and send the supplies on time to maintain stock level.


GO-Globe provides all the services that are required to get your Extranet up and running with full access to everything you need; from your documents to all the on-site benefits. Here we are, ready to hear you out about your organization and how we can assist in the growth of it successfully. Contact GO-Globe to discuss in detail.

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