Why You Should Choose Custom Web Design Over Website Templates [Infographic]

Created: Jul 10, 2016

Updated: June 19, 2024

Choosing between whether to invest in a custom web design for long-term benefits or going for a pre-made website template for quick implementation has been one of the most crucial choices every business owner has to make when taking their business online. Although going for pre-made web design templates seems to be a more cost-effective and easy-to-implement option in beginning, our years of experience offering web design services in Dubai have proved every time that going for a custom web design has more long-term benefits, higher ROI, and conversion rates, more user friendly and hence more cost-effective as compared to web design templates. Check out our new infographic to know Why you should always choose custom web design over pre-made website templates for an effective business website.

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High ROI and Better Conversion rates

The most important deal breaker benefit for the Custom Web Development has always been its high potential to provide maximum returns on investment. On the other hand, Pre-Made Templates often lacks in business generating capabilities resulting in a very low returns.

Design Effectiveness

In terms of its design effectiveness, Custom built websites can be uniquely tailored to exceed business goals and objectives while templates feel more like a cookie-cutter among many other.

Controllability and Expansion

Custom websites due its custom nature, it has a capability to fully customize and expand without sacrificing any security and it can implement an extremely easy to use CMS to manage the contents.

Templates are pre-built, therefore allows little room for expansion and not much customization beyond color scheme, fonts. Due to its ready-made nature, you’re most likely forced to learn the rather unfriendly CMS and a questionable security.

Bigger Lifespan

Custom built websites generally have a longer (3+ years on average) lifespan compared to a template (1.5 years on average).

Custom website are specifically built for the user experience of your target group and is considered as a stable long term cost effective solution.

Templates are not built for the user experience as it is built for general audience, maintenance costs often multiply over time making it an inefficient solution.

Responsive and SEO Friendly

Custom websites are built with SEO support admin panel effectively saving half of the SEO costs and is fully responsive across all devices.

Templates lack inbuilt SEO support, requiring higher SEO investment from the start and has a risk of being unresponsive on some devices.


Custom websites usually require higher initial investment, although provides better profits and return on the long term. It can require longer development time and resources demand depending on the complexity of the modules and features.

Templates’ overall quality are often mediocre at best and has the least user satisfaction ratio. Maintenance can be expensive and lacks reliable support. The contents for the websites are forced to fit the template, limiting the customization and making it look just like any other website.


Custom Web Design offers an opportunity to perfectly align with the branding and marketing initiatives that results in a much higher user satisfaction and ROI in your target audience. With custom built websites you have complete control over customization and scalability making it a long term stable profit generating tool. With custom web development dedicated technical support and 100% compliance with International Development Standards is the norm.

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