Web Design Trends a Designer Should Follow To Perform Better In 2021

Created: Apr 15, 2021

Updated: March 21, 2024

Web designers in 2021 continue to be striving for higher heights of realism rather than hi-tech imagination. They’re fusing the digital with the mundane as never before, demonstrating how pervasive websites have become in our daily lives. The following 2021 web design trends are practically breathing life into the digital landscape in this way.

Parallax Animation


Year after year, we’ve seen the popularity of web-based animation trends grow, from micro-interactions to particle backgrounds. The splitting of page elements into the foreground and background extremes, producing a parallax effect, would make web animations much more complicated in 2021.

The visual effect of parallax occurs as objects that are close to the observer seem to move faster than objects that are further apart. Although we see this in daily life—for example when driving and looking at passing scenery—the effect on web pages is both actual and unreal.

The added advantage of immersion is provided by the depth generated by the use of foreground and backdrop, which transforms the computer screen into something more akin to a theatre stage. Users are lured into the web page’s compelling success as they browse it as if it is magic. Hence, this makes it the top web design trends for 2021.



This year, neomorphic has exploded in popularity, and in 2021, it will usher us into the paradoxical era of minimalist realism. The style is a descendant of skeuomorphism, a design approach that integrates renderings of familiar, ancient materials into new designs, and it was common in the early 2010s on app icons everywhere. Flat architecture, which streamlined icons and colors in a way that was less realistic but more generic and readily recognizable, largely replaced this pattern.

Neomorphism is a fusion of the two patterns, with compositions that imitate physicality with selective drop shadows and semi-flat shades. The result is similar to digital embossing or debossing in most cases. It helps designers to restore the tactile interface that was missing during the flat design period, enhancing the user’s attachment to the design. This stylized realism can be seen in the digital prototypes of 2021 on buttons, search bars, and text boxes.

Abstract Art

Abstract forms, especially those made up of geometric primitives such as squares and circles, can appear flat, minimalist, and confining. Web designers, on the other hand, are integrating them into dynamic, expansive compositions that exude liberation in the year 2021 for web design trends.

In certain cases, stock photography and figure drawings are being replaced by abstract art arrangements. They can contain pictures of humans, but even without them, they elicit emotion. Their exploding, Pollock-esque designs have an energizing quality about them, and their many vivid colors are contagious. Even in the absence of recognizable human faces, the effect is web pages that feel articulate and alive.

Soothing Color Palette

Most people spend the bulk of their time on screens these days, thanks to the highly digital aspect of the work market. As a result, people often suffer eye pressure when looking at windows for extended periods. Color combinations that are based on being easier on the eyes have been taken into account by web designers.

This helps to understand why last year’s dark mode movement was so successful, as it countered the dominant whiteness of screen-based media.

Web designers in 2021 will think beyond the two extremes of dark and light. Soft color palettes, such as wholesome greens, pastel blues, warm browns, or light pinks, are helping them find a happy medium. Not only can these colors make website colors less jarring than plain black or pure white, but they also help to promote peace and relaxation.

Overall, this development suggests that prospective web designers will be more concerned with simplicity and convenience than with dramatic creativity.

Scrolling Evolution

When users scroll, they are doing more than navigating the page: they’re interacting. The actual acts they do in real life, such as swiping their fingertips over the mouse, result in a reaction on the computer. Interaction is a form of participation, and people are more likely to be active and committed because they are participating in what is going on.

Since scrolling is one of the most discreet modes of interaction, web designers in 2021 are increasing the visual input consumers get while scrolling and this makes it one of the popular web design trends.

Interaction is a form of participation, and people are more likely to be active and committed because they are participating in what is going on. This can include anything from full-color scheme updates to complicated animated transformations to complete style changes.

Physical Integration Of Products In Designs


Websites also feature products, and the web pages of 2021 wear their hearts on their sleeves. Items, in particular, are inspiriting literal design elements via innovative, digital representations of physical media.

This may be color smeared over a page, similar to nail polish, or pictures cropped into squared rectangles, similar to cell phones. This technique not only creates visual harmony between the product and the website but also helps websites feel more natural and unpredictable.

With websites becoming an increasingly popular part of daily life, this pattern of fusing the physical and digital worlds sounds tailor-made for our day.

Seamless Surrealism

Many artists have taken the collage art movement even further, creating surrealist-style websites. The placement of elements on rare, counterintuitive backgrounds distinguishes this technique. Gucci, for example, uses an image-based backdrop for each handbag. Shoppers would be able to see each object in a whole new way. Suddenly, each handbag’s look and sound, as well as its trendy vibe, have been introduced to the mix.

Surrealism in web design often includes vibrant colors and textures that represent the creator’s abstract, creative mind. As time goes by, more and more e-commerce websites are adopting this practice to view their goods uniquely and emotionally.

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