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Created: Dec 05, 2022

Updated: May 5, 2024

The marketing storytelling approach can engage with an audience and put them in a story, leading them to remember how they were immersed in a scenario which they followed.

When you tell a story, your audience is more likely to remember and respond to it. This can be very beneficial in an age of shortened attention spans - because with so much going on nowadays, people are understandably more likely to forget the simple things. The use of pushy tactics in your marketing can often turn off people, so it would be best to avoid this type of promotion.

Marketing storytelling is different because it features various techniques to support a narrative and show a product in a good light. For example, aspects like the soundtrack, dialogue, camera angles and actors can draw people in and help them remember your product. Marketing-driven storytelling techniques are an integral part of effective marketing

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The practice of using narrative strategies in business operations is known as corporate storytelling. You can utilize it to communicate firm ideals, arouse feelings, and forge close bonds with stakeholders like clients or coworkers. Corporate storytelling can be found in a variety of media, such as ads, business plans, presentations, sales, and blog posts. To market products to consumers or to have a conversation with stakeholders about a product's features, use corporate storytelling.

Storytelling is a form of art that is growing in popularity. With the world becoming more interconnected, people are looking for ways to connect with others. Using storytelling has several benefits - its a great way to express yourself and share your message too!

Overview Storytelling can increase conversions by a whopping 30%
People want brand stories to be funny
70% of companies invest in at least one form of content marketing, to share various types of stories
Content marketing is one of the most popular methods of storytelling used by brands
Video is the most prevalent type of media utilised in content marketing, and more than 20% of businesses investing in video content did so to improve their brand storytelling tactics
Around 65% of our discussions are made up of personal stories and opinions.
Storytelling Aids Potential Clients Do not forget your message
If facts are presented in a form of story, the human mind is approximately 22 times more likely to remember those facts.
When presented with merely statistics, people only remember 5% to 10% of the information. However, they remember 65–70% of a story when they hear it.
Brand Storytelling Statistics
Storytelling increases the value of products by up to 2,706%
Storytelling can convince the potential customer to pay higher
75% of customers believe that brands should use storytelling in their marketing
64% of consumers thinks that brands are effectively telling their stories
71% of clients make purchases from businesses that adhere to their values.
83% of millenial considers brand value aligmnent as a important factor in buying decision
According to reports, 76% of consumers prefer it when CEOs publicly discuss a subject they care about.
86% of consumers say they consider transparency when deciding which brands to purchase from.
81% of customers say they need to be able to trust a brand to buy from them
Benefits Of Storytelling
Customers are 55% more inclined to consider purchasing from a business if they enjoy the brand's story.
45% of people would ‘like’ a company's Facebook page if they 'liked' the business's story on Facebook
People are 22 times more likely to remember a story-based statistic
Only 5% of people remember statistics, but 63% remember stories
Branded stories lead to a 4% increase in trust and brand connection
One of the top 3 factors that makes content effective is good storytelling
92% of customers want ads to feel more like a story
According to research, when data is combined with a story, information retention increases from 5 - 10% to 67%.
Social Storytelling Over 500 million people are using Instagram Stories every day
35% of people said they liked seeing short, narrative stories from brands
around 70% of consumers watch Facebook stories more often than Snapchat (17%) or Instagram Stories (13%)
Storytelling Trends Data-Driven Storytelling
Stories Being Sourced Directly From Customers
isual Storytelling Through Video
Digital Realities
Tips for creating effective corporate storytelling Make the story simple
Structure your story
Employ authentic emotions
Consider your audience's point of view
Take a writing or public speaking class
Outsource content

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