Web-based solutions are web based software programs that run on an internet server and are accessed through an internet browser. You can use it for various businesses and technologies that are used to develop and manage sites, web applications, and various other on the internet platforms.

GO-Globe Custom-developed solutions to help your organization thrive. From managing logistics and couriers to streamlining rental buildings, we have actually covered you. GO-Globe solutions are made to improve operational performance, rise performance, and drive income growth. They offer several advantages, including:

Platform independence
No installation required
Easy collaboration
Better scalability
Improved security
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Courier & Logistics Management

Courier & Logistics Management simplifies and automates the whole process of managing couriers and logistics. GO-Globe's sophisticated solution provides a smooth and reliable method to manage all facets of your carrier and logistics procedures. From package tracking and checking to real-time shipment verification, our service ensures that your service runs smoothly and consumer satisfaction is always at the forefront.

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Customer Relationship Management

This all-in-one software simplifies your entire business operation. From managing customer details and nurturing leads to generating proposals and invoices, it centralizes everything sales-related. Simplify recurring payments for memberships, track project progress, and empower teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Optimize resource allocation by automating routine tasks and providing exceptional customer service through efficient support ticketing. Securely store contracts and digital assets, and leverage comprehensive reports to gain valuable insights for informed decision-making: Manage customers, sales, subscriptions, expenses, contracts, projects, tasks, support, leads, automation, media, reports, finances, user roles, compliance, taxes, and multi-currency transactions in one all-inclusive platform.

Maintain complete data privacy with built-in compliance features, manage finances across multiple currencies, and streamline deliveries with the integrated courier and logistics system. This software equips you with everything you need to run your business efficiently and achieve growth.

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Courier and Logistics Management System

Take control of your deliveries with our user-friendly courier and logistics system. This intuitive platform empowers you to manage every aspect of your deliveries. Grant secure access and permissions to different user types, from administrators and staff to your valued customers. Plus, simplify shipping with easy-to-use tools for entering details and generating labels.

For enhanced visibility, the system offers powerful tracking and management features. Generate reports on everything from upcoming deliveries and outstanding payments to completed transactions. This comprehensive data keeps you informed and in control of your operations.

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Clinic Management System

Open the power of a streamlined healthcare experience with our comprehensive practice management software.

Empower your staff with intuitive features for managing profiles, schedules, and access controls for both doctors and staff. Optimize patient interactions by simplifying appointment booking, online scheduling, and sending automated reminders. Keep patient information meticulously organized, manage their medical history, and track visit details with ease.

Delve deeper into the financial aspects: seamlessly manage patient billing, track payments, and generate invoices with just a few clicks. Efficiently record patient visits, link services rendered for accurate billing, and generate valuable reports to gain valuable insights into your practice's performance. This software doesn't forget about building strong patient relationships either. Manage patient inquiries and streamline communication to ensure a positive experience. Additionally, you can build lasting patient loyalty with a built-in subscriber system.

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ERP Sales, Productivity, Operations

Visualize the ultimate efficiency of operating your entire business through a single, comprehensive platform. This is the revolutionary potential of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, such as GO-ERP. By flawlessly combining essential functions like finance, accounting, supply chain, and customer management, these systems dismantle data silos, enhance operational workflows, and catalyze a surge in productivity. Say goodbye to the era of juggling disparate applications and grappling with fragmented insights - ERP software ushers in a new age of holistic business management.
GO-ERP, however, extends its capabilities beyond simply refining processes. It serves as a catalyst for data-driven leadership, equipping your management team with the tools to make well-informed decisions. The software's automated reporting feature swiftly generates comprehensive reports, circumventing the need for laborious data analysis. Moreover, its customizable nature allows for tailored reports that cater to the unique requirements of each decision-maker, emphasizing the most critical metrics. This invaluable time-saving aspect enables leadership to redirect their focus towards strategic planning and innovation, ultimately driving the business towards greater success. With GO-ERP at the helm, the entire organization benefits - from optimized operations to enlightened leadership, your company will reach new heights of efficiency and growth. More about ERP Implementation


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ERP Software System

Imagine a single, powerful system that tackles all your business needs - finances, inventory, sales, employees, and more. Our all-in-one business management software eliminates the chaos of disconnected software and streamlines everything for ultimate efficiency.

Effortless Operations, Unmatched Growth - Financial clarity becomes a breeze. Track every transaction, generate detailed reports, and manage all your accounts with ease. Take control of inventory with real-time stock level monitoring, effortless purchase order creation, and streamlined supplier tracking.

Impress customers with a point-of-sale system that processes sales flawlessly, generates accurate invoices, and identifies top-selling items for enhanced service. Managing employees becomes a joy. Handle employee data, streamline recruitment with a built-in job board, and automate payroll for all staff types. Finally, gain invaluable insights with comprehensive reports across all departments. Make data-driven decisions and propel your business to new heights.

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Fleet Management System

100% Efficiency: One Platform Does It All. Feeling the burn of scattered spreadsheets and disconnected tools? Our all-in-one fleet management system streamlines everything, putting you in the driver's seat of success. Manage user roles, track and optimize vehicles, and gain total financial transparency. Manage users, optimize vehicles, track transactions, automate bookings, generate robust reports, oversee fuel, vendors, and inventory, streamline work orders, enhance communication, collect testimonials, secure payments, and manage fares - all within a single, powerful platform.

Effortless Operations, Data-Driven Decisions: Simplify bookings with online options, automated payments, and a clear calendar view. Generate robust reports on income, expenses, and driver performance to optimize your fleet and fuel efficiency. From managing parts inventory to streamlining work orders, our platform empowers you to conquer every fleet challenge and propel your business forward.

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Hotel Website and Management System

Command Your Hotel's Success - One Platform Does it All, Ditch the disconnected chaos of spreadsheets and fragmented software. Our all-in-one hotel management platform empowers you to take control. Manage rooms, categories, amenities, and availability with ease, keeping guests informed and comfortable. Oversee menus, food types, and restaurant operations seamlessly, ensuring delightful dining experiences.

Effortless Operations, Booming Reviews - Streamline guest services with seamless booking, payment processing, and service management. Impress guests with effortless efficiency. Automate tax calculations and ensure effortless compliance, leaving paperwork worries behind. Showcase your property with a stunning, user-friendly gallery that attracts guests with captivating visuals. Highlight nearby places of interest within the platform itself, leveraging your location as a selling point. This unified platform streamlines operations, simplifies guest experiences, and propels your hotel towards booming success.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Streamline your business operations with our comprehensive POS

Inventory Management:

  • Add, list, and manage product information.
  • Print barcode labels for efficient product tracking.
  • Conduct accurate stock counts.

Sales Management:

  • Process Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions quickly and easily.
  • Create and manage sales orders.
  • Manage customer details and deliveries.
  • Issue gift cards for increased customer loyalty.

Quotations and Purchases:

  • Generate professional quotations for potential clients.
  • Create and manage purchase orders.
  • Track and categorize expenses related to purchases.

Stock Transfers:

  • Easily manage product transfers between locations.
  • Add transfers manually or upload them using a CSV file.

Comprehensive Reporting:

  • Gain valuable insights into your business performance by creating detailed reports on sales, purchases, and inventory.
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Hospital Management System

Orchestrate Seamless Care: One Platform for Everything in Healthcare. Imagine a system that effortlessly orchestrates the symphony of your hospital. Our comprehensive platform empowers you to manage every department and staff member - from doctors and nurses to receptionists - ensuring a well-coordinated team focused on delivering exceptional patient care.

This powerful hub streamlines every aspect of your operations. Create detailed patient profiles, manage appointments with ease, and track medical history, prescriptions, and case studies, all in one centralized location. Generate clear invoices, manage payments, and monitor expenses for complete financial transparency.

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Intranet & Extranet

GO Extranet & Intranet solution, secure and efficient communication networks for businesses, provides a secure and efficient communication platform for businesses. An extranet is a private network that allows an organization to share specific information and resources with authorized external users, such as suppliers, customers, or partners.

An intranet is used by an organization to share information and resources among its employees within the company. With our system, employees can easily collaborate and share information, while maintaining full control over access and security. Your company's valuable data and intellectual property remains protected.

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Online Rental Management

Online rental, simplify the process of renting out properties, management solution revolutionizes the process of renting out properties. From advertising, listing and screening of tenants, to accepting payments and tracking occupancy, our platform simplifies the process and saves you valuable time and resources.

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Pharmacy Management System

Manage Your Pharmacy Operations with Our Pharmacy Management System

  • Inventory Management: Manage medicine categories, types, and units. Add, track, and report on stock levels (batch-wise) to avoid stockouts and optimize purchasing.
  • Sales & Invoicing: Generate new invoices, manage existing ones, and operate a point-of-sale system with a user-friendly GUI.
  • Customer Management: Add and manage customer details, track payments (paid & credit), and leverage search functionality for easy access.
  • Supplier & Manufacturer Management: Add, manage, and maintain detailed ledgers and sales data for both suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Financial Management: Manage accounts, create journals, generate reports, and monitor cash flow, debit/credit transactions, and taxes.
  • HR & Payroll Management: Manage employee attendance, payroll, and expenses. Track fixed assets, personal loans, and office expenses.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Generate comprehensive reports on sales, purchases, profits & losses, specific medicine sales, and more. Gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.
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Pharmacy Management System

Keep track of medications, inventory, and patient data. Our state-of-the-art pharmacy management system, is designed to help pharmacies streamline their operations and optimize patient care. With features like electronic prescriptions, inventory management and patient data tracking, you can rest easy knowing that your pharmacy is running efficiently.

Comprehensive system for managing the day-to-day operations

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Restaurant Website and System

Online Food Ordering Platform with Advanced Tools

  • Order Management: Track and manage orders placed through the website and mobile apps.
  • Live Order Tracking: Real-time information on order status and driver location.
  • Driver Management: Assign drivers to orders, track their progress, and manage their availability.
  • Client Management: Create and manage customer accounts, preferences, and order history.
  • Review System: Allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for restaurants.
  • Restaurant Management: Add, edit, and manage restaurant information, menus, and promotions.
  • City Management: Manage delivery zones and availability across different locations.
  • Financial Reporting: Track and analyze financial data, including revenue, expenses, and individual order details.
  • Mobile App Integration: Seamless integration with mobile apps for both customers and drivers.
  • System Settings: Customize various settings like delivery fees, taxes, and system functionalities.
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Real Estate Management System

Streamline your operations and simplify your workflow with this comprehensive solution.

  • Manage projects, products (properties), sales, purchases, and orders.
  • Maintain detailed records of vendors, employees, and customers.
  • Track financial transactions with ledgers, bank cash, initial balances, vouchers, accounts, credits, and debits.
  • Implement user roles and permissions for secure access control.
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Real Estate Listing Website

List and Manage Property All Here

  • Browse: Explore diverse properties, including projects, apartments, villas, and more.
  • Filter: Narrow down your search with detailed filters for features, amenities, and investor types.
  • Connect: Contact agents directly, read reviews, and access property documents.
  • Manage: Create an account to track your listings, payments, and invoices (if applicable).
  • Stay Informed: Read the latest industry news and announcements
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Rocket Your Profits in the Digital Age!

Struggling to stand out and maximize profits in today's digital jungle? We can help. Profit Rocket is a team of experts dedicated to propelling your sales upward across all digital channels. We handle the online heavy lifting so you can focus on your core business. That's where we come in! We are the Profit Rocket solution from GO Digital Marketing Pros. We help businesses grow their revenues through proven online solutions.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Analytics and Data Analysis
Competitor Analysis
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School, Hospital, Hotel Management

Comprehensive system for managing the day-to-day operations is tailored for educational institutions, hospitals, and hotels. From scheduling and record-keeping to billing and financial reporting, our solution takes care of the details so you can focus on providing the best service.

Tenant Management System Real Estate: Streamlines the process of managing rental properties

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School Management System

Streamline your school operations with our all-in-one management system

  • Comprehensive Inventory Management: Track and manage school supplies, equipment, textbooks, and more with ease.
  • Streamlined Reception Management: Manage admissions inquiries, calls, complaints, visitors, and postal logs efficiently.
  • Simplified Admissions Process: Simplify admissions by offering online application options and bulk student import functionalities.
  • Centralized Student and Parent Management: Maintain detailed student and parent information in one centralized location.
  • Employee Management: Manage employee details, designations, and departments effectively.
  • Secure ID Card System: Generate and manage student and employee ID cards for enhanced security.
  • Automated Certificate Generation: Automate the creation and issuance of certificates.
  • Streamlined HR and Payroll: Manage payroll, leaves, and other HR functions effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive Academic Management: Create classes, sections, and schedules, assign subjects and teachers, manage books, homework, exams, online exams, supervision, student attendance, library resources, and events.
  • Advanced Communication Tools: Utilize bulk SMS capabilities for efficient communication with parents and students.
  • Detailed Accounting: Manage student and office accounting activities with ease.
  • Robust Reporting System: Generate comprehensive reports on various aspects of school operations.
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Tour & Travel Agency

Explore and Experience Tour & Travel

  • Discover: Browse a comprehensive selection of hotels, tours, flights, and more, all visualized on interactive maps with detailed descriptions.
  • Plan: Create personalized itineraries and manage your travel plans effortlessly.
  • Book: Secure your dream vacation with convenient booking options and real-time availability.
  • Experience: Make lasting memories with curated activities, events, and unique experiences.
  • Enhance: Access valuable resources like travel news, user reviews, and location insights.
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Tenant Management System Real Estate

Tenant Management System Real Estate streamlines the process of managing rental properties, system is the ultimate solution for property managers. From tenant screening and lease agreements, to rent collection and maintenance requests, our platform makes managing your properties effortless and streamlined.

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Training & Coaching Center Management

Training & Coaching Centre Management solution is all-in-one system for managing the administrative and financial aspects, it is designed to manage the administrative and financial aspects of running a training or coaching center. From scheduling and attendance tracking to billing and financial reporting, our solution streamlines your processes, allowing you to focus on providing the best service to your clients.

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and many more web based solutions ...

Web-based solutions can be used to solve a wide range of business challenges, from improving customer engagement to streamlining internal workflows. Here are some examples of web-based solutions we have developed or we can develop for you:

Intranet portals, government, jobs, educational, etc.
Single or Multivendor Vendor E-commerce platforms
Car rental Management softwares
Auction Management & Frontend Web
Tutoring video classes & Frontend
Gym Management and Fitness Management
Cars Workshop Softwares
Fleet Management Softwares
Tour and Travel Systems, and many more

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