Smartphone Usage In The Middle East– Statistics And Trends [Infographic]

Oct 02, 2013

The Middle East is seeing a massive growth in the sales and penetration level of smartphones in the market. According to a recent survey by Cisco’s Middle East branch, smartphones are the most desired devices among the 18 to 34 year group in the Middle East. Check out our new infographic, “Smartphone Usage in The Middle East” for the latest statistics and trends such as smartphone penetration by country, smartphone market share, smartphone customer demographics and more.

Smartphones represent 40% of total impressions in the Middle East, which is 45% higher than the global average, according to a report by InMobi.

Smartphone penetration in the Middle East region is projected to grow up to 39% by 2015.

Smartphone Penetration By Country


Penetration %age

Qatar 75%
UAE 73%
Saudi Arabia 60%
Jordan 50%
Egypt 26%
Morocco 16%

Smartphone Population Demographics

72% of smartphone owners are less than 34 years old

By Gender

Gender %age
Male 62%
Female 38%

Smartphone Market Share by Platform

Platform %age
Android 40%
iPhone 35%
Blackberry 15%
Windows 10%

93% of Middle East smartphone owners use their smartphones at home

More than 50% of Middle East youth said if they were allowed to buy just one device, it would be a smartphone

Shopping Trends Of Middle East SmartphoneOwners

 Activities %age
Shopping 79%
Product research and purchase 74%
Scan product labels in store 70%
Find local retailers 54%
Compare prices 49%
Get coupons and vouchers 48%
Find product reviews 44%

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