Pharmacy Management System

We designed our pharmacy management system to help you organize and maintain the medication use process in your pharmacy by storing your data and enabling certain functionalities

Our system includes features like an inventory managing module (for managing and updating pharmacy stock) and a document management module (for storing and retrieving necessary documents like insurance certificates, prescriptions, and salary schedules). We also offer analytics (to give insight into performance in terms of sales and expenses) and the option to integrate your pharmacy management system with a point of sale system or prescription software.

Our pharmacy management system helps to improve the efficiency of your pharmacy by automating the important tasks and leaving your hands free to serve your clients better. It affords you effective inventory management, as our system keeps track of stock and alerts you of any shortages.

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Dispensing module

The dispensing module is designed to assist pharmacists in the accurate and efficient dispensing of medications. It incorporates several safety checks, such as barcode scanning and drug-drug interaction warnings, to help prevent errors. The module also tracks the inventory of each medication and generates alerts when stock is running low, helping pharmacies to avoid running out of essential drugs. By streamlining the dispensing process and reducing the risk of errors, the dispensing module helps to improve patient safety and satisfaction.

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Inventory management module

This module helps schools to manage their teachers and instructors, including recruiting, scheduling, and evaluating them. It enables schools to create and maintain teacher profiles, as well as to communicate with teachers and to provide feedback and support. The module also provides tools for tracking and evaluating teacher performance.

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Financial Reporting Module

The financial reporting module provides pharmacies with a comprehensive view of their financial performance, including sales, profits, and costs. It generates reports on key metrics such as gross margin, inventory turnover, and return on investment, helping pharmacies to identify areas of strength and weakness and to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

The module also enables pharmacies to track and compare their financial performance over time, helping them to identify trends and patterns and to adapt their business strategies accordingly. By providing detailed and accurate financial information, the module helps pharmacies to improve their profitability and sustainability.

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Patient Care Module

The patient care module is designed to help pharmacies provide better care to their patients by storing and organizing patient information, such as allergies, medications, and treatment plans. It also enables pharmacists to communicate with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, and to access relevant clinical guidelines.

By providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of each patient's health status and treatment plan, the module helps pharmacies to avoid errors, coordinate care, and improve patient outcomes. It also helps pharmacies to build trust and strengthen relationships with their patients, leading to increased loyalty and satisfaction.

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Prescription Management Module

The inventory management module is designed to help pharmacies manage their drug inventory in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It allows pharmacists to easily place orders for medications, receive deliveries, and store drugs according to best practices.

The module also integrates with the dispensing module to provide real-time visibility into stock levels, enabling pharmacies to make informed decisions about when to order more drugs and how much to order. By automating and optimizing the inventory management process, the module helps pharmacies to reduce waste, lower costs, and improve patient access to medications.

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Provider Communication Module

The Service Provider Communication Module is a feature that allows for seamless communication between the pharmacy and other healthcare providers such as physicians and specialists. This module allows for the exchange of patient information, including medical history, medications, allergies, and test results, which can help ensure coordinated and efficient patient care.

Secure messaging between the pharmacy and other healthcare providers
Electronic prescribing, eliminates paper prescriptions and reduces the risk of errors
Automatic notification of medication changes, helps to prevent contraindicated medications
Clinical decision support, which can help prevent errors and improve patient outcomes
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module

This module helps pharmacies to manage and nurture their relationships with customers, including patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. It stores and organizes customer information, such as contact details, preferences, and history, and enables pharmacies to communicate with customers through various channels, such as email, phone, and social media.

The module also provides tools for customer segmentation, targeting, and analysis, helping pharmacies to tailor their marketing and service efforts to the needs and interests of different customer groups. By building strong and lasting relationships with customers, the CRM module helps pharmacies to increase loyalty, retention, and sales.

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