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Created: Mar 16, 2021

Updated: May 23, 2023

Technology is changing fast, and the same applies to website design trends! The website features and design elements considered innovative and modern might become overdone and old. The last thing you would want is people to come to your website and lose out on conversion because your website looks outdated or ignores crucial web standards.

Your web design team needs to keep up with the latest development trends to generate easy-to-use and functional websites that look great and perform well. You can count on the best website design trends for 2021 by web development company Bahrain.

  1. Page speed and website load time are essential

One of the most crucial web design standards is fast load time. The fast-loading times have been essential aspects of SEO and UX for years. To date, it carries on to the best priority for the websites that want to convert better and rank well. According to studies, most internet browsers expect a site to load faster within about two seconds after clicking on the link. If it takes more than three to four seconds for the site to load, chances are your visitors might leave and not return to your website again. Also, the website performance directly impacts an organization’s bottom line.

  1. Innovative content for a better user experience

Many organizations might be guilty of having resource-heavy sites with several third-party integrations and graphical elements that can slow the website. However, there are several ways to develop an intelligent website that downloads the content you require. Infinite scroll and lazy loading are not new technologies. The best social networks are using this for a while. The approach is famous for the one-page websites.

Every website should consider executing a few technological approaches that might help them outperform and outrank the competition. The features might help to enhance the user experience for every website visitor, which can improve your ranking and conversion rate.

  1. Personalized content based on browsing history and geolocation

You might have visited a website and returned to it to find that the content got modified! When you pull it on the phone first or any other browser, you might find the original content you saw. It's not a new fact that advanced websites track the browsing history and identify the locations. However, leading web agencies will suggest the customers showcase dynamic content and content depending on earlier user behavior. It is not generic content to cater to everyone.

The custom content generated for the end-users who return to your website can maximize conversion. You can experience this whenever you use Google. For instance, people searching for restaurants close to Raleigh, North Carolina, will come across various outcomes than other users residing in the town. An excellent directory website will identify the kind of food you prefer. If you had saved or reviewed Italian restaurants before, you might weigh Italian restaurants higher in the search outcomes. The other example is when you have to check into a bank's website and add the username and get the browser marked as "trusted." Hence, when you return, the bank will know you are a business customer or an individual. So, they will put forward their commercial or residential offerings based on the customer status.

Personalized content is essential for e-commerce websites. Showcasing saved, recently viewed, or the liked products for the online shoppers can result in maximized conversions. Showcasing the abandoned cart contents for the returning consumers is essential for maintaining increasing conversion rates. Today, personalized content has become famous for users. And it will get considered as an essential focus for an excellent web presence.

  1. Lead nurturing forms incorporated with the CRM tool

The online lead generation forms are an essential aspect of marketing websites! People want to know more about website visitors, but they can’t ask excess questions. Hence, they place dynamic or progressive contact forms on landing pages and showcase fields based on the journey of the lead.

Ideally, they don’t want to showcase to many fields in the form. However, they can adjust form fields depending on the data that they know about the leads. They can ask for the name, email address, and company details at the first conversion and then go on to ask about the company size, title, number, company revenue fields in the next opportunity for conversion.

An excellent CRM stores the data by the leads by incorporating it with the website. Also, the CRM can identify the lead when they get back to the websites and showcase the form fields on the landing pages without knowing about the contact.

  1. The human-like chatbots

Chatbots are another aspect that has become popular in the past few years and will keep on becoming famous in 2021 and 2022. As machine learning and artificial intelligence keep on getting advanced, you can expect to find chatbots become the norm of personal shopping and customer service requests.

For instance, if a consumer visits your website, searching for phone assistance, and a chatbot knows there is a free phone upgrade. The chatbot can inform them about the upgrade. It will result in a positive experience for the consumer and save the consumer support expense linked with talking to a person.

  1. The voice-activated interface

Today, the way we have access to data is changing! Not everyone types into Google searching for any information. Most people make a demand or ask a question. It means that website design manages to keep up with the virtual assistants and prevalence of voice chatbots. While the voice-activated interface isn't something common for the majority of websites, this trend is promising and is not getting erased in the coming days. That means you can witness more websites integrating voice search as an option for the conventional text search.

Website design trends will change based on people's expectations and preferences. The trends mentioned above are essential for the upcoming websites. If you are planning to tweak your website, you can keep these trends in mind.

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