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Created: Nov 18, 2022

Updated: May 19, 2023

In 2022, Many business started to recover post covid affects with first goal to reduce the fix cost without loosing the revenue, and this requirement gave a room to many startups and solutions and Marketing automation is one of many solutions, which are being used by the business nowadays

Marketing automation software, for example, allows companies to automate tasks and increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Marketing automation systems are becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to the increased use of digital marketing channels such as social media. These software solutions can help companies increase lead generation and sales conversion rates while making their operations more efficient.

Marketing automation is a solution that integrates email marketing with other digital tools to allow marketers to achieve goals. Marketing automation is designed to simplify repetitive, time-consuming tasks and tasks that require coordination across multiple departments. Marketing automation can streamline operations, boost productivity, enhance lead generation, and increase revenue.

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Data is the center of all marketing today. A company’s success can be determined by how they use data. It can be used to identify what customers want and need, figure out how to engage with them and measure the success of those strategies. To stay competitive in today's world, companies must pay close attention to their data and only buy marketing solutions that have a strong focus on it.

Marketing automation is a competitive industry, and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. But with an expert guide like GO-Globe, you can make sure your marketing automation software of choice is the right fit for your company.

It is important that marketers consider how they can use automation to their benefit. A study found that marketers are using it for SEO, lead generation, content creation and distribution.

As a business owner who wants to achieve measurable success with marketing campaigns, you should see for yourself the benefits of marketing automation. , as well as the challenges of implementing it. Here, we’ll give you a taste of what you can do with marketing automation and some pointers for getting started. The Benefits of Marketing Automation Marketing automation is one way to effectively manage your company’s marketing campaigns and make sure that they are reaching their desired audience, at the right time, in a cost-effective way.

Marketing automation is an essential tool for any business owner or manager. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of marketing automation and how it can help you save time, money and stay on top of your marketing campaigns.

A marketing automation tool can only work with a marketer who knows what they're doing. It also has to work alongside other marketing strategies that are implemented, as well as employees being allocated the appropriate level of budget & resources.

Marketing automation statistics show how prevalent and profitable marketing automation is while also growing at a rapid rate. It's not just marketing where automation is worth exploring; it can also drive positive results in other areas of the business. The benefits coming with it are truly overwhelming. .One of the largest benefits is the ability to improve conversion rates. A survey by HubSpot revealed that automation has a 99% positive ROI. Another study conducted by Zapier showed that there is a 6 times increase in revenue for marketing teams who use automation. We know this because of research conducted by Marketo and Buzzsumo, which found that marketers who use marketing automation consistently gain more customers, attract more visitors to their website, and sell more products than those without.

Overview The marketing automation industry worldwide worth 344.8$ billion
In 2021, the most automated channel was email marketing, selected by 65% of marketers.
96% of marketers utilise some form of marketing automation software.
75% of marketing departments have seen an increase in conversion rates thanks to marketing automation software.
Within the 1st year of using marketing automation software, 76% of organisations experience a ROI.
With omnichannel marketing automation, up to 90% of customers are more likely to stay with your company.
Marketing Automation Usage Marketing is the biggest area of business that has leveraged automation technologies.
To increase productivity, 58% of marketers use automation to manage marketing related tasks
64% of marketers say their marketing measurement are automated
Email automation
Around 50% of SMBs use marketing automation software to send automated email drip campaigns
Using marketing automation tools to send customised emails can generate 18 times more income than sending mass, irrelevant email blasts.
Compared to newsletters sent to the full email list, triggered emails often have substantially higher open rates (38%) than the latter (18.7%).
Compared to generic email newsletters, triggered emails have a 152% higher click-through rate and a 70.5% higher open rate.
The welcome email has an 86% open rate, making it the most often opened automated email type.
Social media automation
47% of SMBs use marketing automation software to manage their social media.
47% of marketers reported using social media automation in 2021, making it the second-most automated medium.
Companies can save more than 6 hours a week by automating their social media content and ads
With an automation tool, your team could save between 175 and 350 hours every month by automating 50% of your social media comment moderation.
For 64% of marketers,, managing social media profiles is just one of the many responsibilities of multiple employees. Social Media Automation can be a huge help.
Customer service automation
Chatbots can help businesses cut their customer service costs by up to 30%.
Reports states that 68% of customer support representatives felt overburdened by the quantity of manual labour they must perform.
Technology-based channels like social media are more popular than email, which can make employees in social media management jobs susceptible to the overwhelm. Automation tools can help resolve this problem.
88% of marketers would value a solution that would free up more time for strategic thinking and consumer interactions by cutting down on the time spent preparing reports.
Advertising automation
In 2020, programmatic advertising will be worth $129.1 billion.
It is predicted that 80% of all advertising will be automated in future
Marketing automation is used by 58% of marketers to upsell clients.
Based on browsing and purchase history, automated, tailored offers can boost sales by 20%.
Why use marketing automation? Marketers who are high performing use 1.5x more marketing automation than their peers
The top three reasons for marketing automation are streamlining of marketing and sales efforts (35%), improving customer engagement (34%), and improving customer experience (34%).
Other reasons for implementing marketing automation include:
-minimizing manual tasks (30%)
-increasing the number of leads captured (28%)
-optimizing workflows (25%)
- improving lead quality (34%)
-integrating/centralizing data (21%)
-improving marketing attribution (17%)
-improving multi-channel touch (10%).
55% of sales and marketing execs rank integration with existing systems like CMS, CRM, and ERP as the most important feature in marketing automation software.
in survey, 86% marketers revealed that success in marketing by using automation.
Challenges in Marketing Automation
33% of businesses have a hard time implementing marketing automation because their employees are not experienced.
lack of data quality is a major challenge faced by 24% of companies.
67% of businesses find the most challenging aspect to marketing automation is integrating data from different sources and systems.
Common barrier to implementing marketing automation is the lack of priority in the company
10% of companies across all industries found it difficult to create content
90% of IT decision-makers say they’ve faced technical issues with their most recent automation project
54% of companies say that their biggest challenge to automating workflows is mapping complex processes

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