In-store Shopping Vs Online Shopping In Middle East - Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

Created: Nov 21, 2017

Updated: June 13, 2024

Did you know Cheap prices is the biggest motivation factor (55%) for Middle East consumers who prefer online shopping over in-store shopping followed by Easy to shop (28%) and  Better product selection (26%) .  Whereas,  getting touch and feel of products is the biggest motivation factor (62%) for Middle East consumers who prefer in-store shopping over online shopping followed by- able to take items home immediately (49%) and ease to return items (20%). Check out our infographic "In-store Shopping Vs Online Shopping In Middle East" to understand why Middle East consumers prefer in-store shopping or online shopping with latest statistics and trends.

In-store Shopping Vs Online Shopping In Middle East

Infographic by GO-Globe Web Design Company Qatar

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%age of Monthly Online Consumers in Middle East

Year %age
2013 23%
2014 25%
2015 27%
2016 29%


Main motivation factor of buying online over In-store Shopping

Motivation Factor %age
Cheaper than buying in-store 55%
Shopping is Easier 28%
Better Selection 26%
Shopping is faster 25%
Get better information about products 21%
Routinely shopping online 21%


Main motivation factor of buying In-store over online shopping

Motivation factor %age
Stay, touch, feel and try out items 62%
Take items home immediately 49%
Return items more easily 20%
Enjoy in-store experience 18%
Pose questions to store associates 13%


Main factors that improve in-store shopping experience

Factors %age
Real time personalized offers 34%
Ability to see extended range of products 34%
Sales associates with deep knowledge 29%
Ability to check stock quickly 27%
Self service checkout 27%
In-store Wi Fi 26%
Inviting Ambience 23%


Main factors that encourage Middle East Consumers to buy online


Factors %age
Money Back Guarantee for Products 54%
Provide same day product replacement service 45%
Offer Free delivery for purchases above minimum spend 46%
Have precise delivery windows to fit your schedule 39%
Provide real time detailed progress on status of order 43%


Online Vs In-store Shopping Preference by Category

Category Online In-store Shopping
Consumer, electronics and Computers 44% 45%
Household appliances 31% 51%
Clothing and footwear 41% 45%
Book, music, movies and video games 54% 26%
Furniture and homeware 35% 49%
Sports Equipment 44% 35%
Jewellery/Watches 42% 41%
Home Improvement 38% 37%
Grocery 27% 58%
Toys 44% 35%
Health and Beauty 48% 36%

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