How Social Media Influence Businesses [Infographic]

Created: Jul 09, 2013

Updated: June 4, 2024

Social media has become an important part of online marketing. Online consumers are using social media more frequently before making the purchase decisions. Check out our latest infographic “How Social Media Influence Businesses” to have better understanding of the social media impact on your business and on your marketing campaigns.

How Social Media Influence Businesses [Infographic]


27% of total online time is spent on social networking.

85% of internet users have Facebook accounts; 49% have Twitter accounts.

84% of online shoppers use social media sites.

Average Number Of Connections Per User

Social Media Site Average connection
Facebook 141.5
Twitter 208


Social media produces almost double the marketing leads when compared to trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail,and PPC.

Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate.

Percentage Of Marketers Who Found Customers Via Social Networking Sites In 2013

Social Media Sites %age
Facebook 52%
LinkedIn 43%
Twitter 36%


More than 50% of marketers believe that social media has helped them improve sales.

60% of online consumers follow or give feedback to brands on social media sites.

Percentage of Companies (Listed By Industry) That Acquired Customers from Social Media Sites

 Industry Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
Retail/Wholesale/Consumer Goods 73% 19% 40%
Technology (hardware) 45% 44% 50%
Marketing Agency 45% 58% 35%
Professional Services/consulting 43% 56% 30%
Technology (software) 39% 50% 40%
Banking/Insurance/Financial Services 33% 38% 28%



How Social Media Influences Purchasing Decisions

 Reasons %age
Influenced by social media posts from friends 81%
Liked social media page of company for discounts and offers 79%
Made purchase based on company’s social media posts 78%
Researched social networks before making purchasing decision 74%
Likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals 71%
Twitter users tweeted product or company recommendations 53%


How Marketers Are Using Social Media Sites

 Main Reasons %age
Generating business exposure 89%
Increasing traffic 75%
Gaining marketplace intelligence 69%
Building loyal fan base 65%
Generating leads 61%
Reducing marketing expenses 47%
Improving sales 43%


The Influence of Social Media on Businesses in 2024

1. Increased Brand Awareness

  • Stat: 92% of marketers report that social media has significantly increased their brand exposure in 2024.
  • Trend: Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn are being used more than ever to boost brand visibility and recognition.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement

  • Stat: 75% of businesses say that social media has helped them improve customer engagement and interaction.
  • Trend: Interactive content such as live videos, polls, and Q&A sessions are driving higher levels of engagement on social media.

3. Growth in Sales and Revenue

  • Stat: 80% of businesses using social media report a direct increase in sales.
  • Trend: Social commerce, where users can purchase products directly through social media platforms, is becoming increasingly popular.

4. In-Depth Customer Insights

  • Stat: 74% of companies use social media analytics to inform business decisions.
  • Trend: Advanced analytics tools are providing deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviors.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing

  • Stat: 50% of businesses report that social media marketing has reduced their overall marketing costs.
  • Trend: Social media ads offer a high ROI, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising methods.

6. Increased Website Traffic

  • Stat: 82% of marketers report that social media has increased website traffic.
  • Trend: Effective use of social media to share content and links is driving more visitors to company websites.

7. Improved Customer Loyalty and Retention

  • Stat: 73% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand they follow on social media.
  • Trend: Consistent engagement and quality content on social media platforms foster customer loyalty.

8. Effective Influencer Marketing

  • Stat: 65% of businesses report a higher ROI from influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Trend: Collaborations with influencers continue to be an effective strategy for reaching targeted audiences.

9. Expanding Global Reach

  • Stat: Social media platforms now have over 4.5 billion active users worldwide.
  • Trend: Social media enables businesses to reach international markets and diverse audiences.

10. Crisis Management and Communication

  • Stat: 70% of businesses use social media for managing crises and maintaining public relations.

Trend: Immediate and transparent communication via social media helps businesses manage their reputation during crises.
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Impact on Marketing  Trends :

  • 94% of marketers report that social media has significantly boosted their brand's visibility in 2024.
  • Visual platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are driving brand awareness with creative and engaging content.
  • 77% of businesses state that social media has improved their customer engagement and interaction.
  • Interactive content such as polls, live videos, and stories are increasing engagement rates across platforms.
  • 82% of marketers have seen an increase in conversion rates from social media marketing.
  • Features like shoppable posts, direct messaging, and call-to-action buttons are facilitating smoother conversions.
  • 55% of businesses report that social media advertising is more cost-effective compared to traditional marketing.
  • Paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer precise targeting options and higher ROI.
  • 76% of companies use social media analytics to drive marketing strategies.
  • Advanced analytics tools provide detailed insights into customer behavior, helping marketers refine their strategies.
  • 68% of businesses report a higher ROI from influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborations with influencers continue to be a powerful strategy for reaching niche audiences.
  • 81% of marketers integrate social media into their content marketing strategies.
  • Social media platforms are used to distribute and amplify content, driving traffic and engagement.
  • 70% of marketers report improved lead generation through social media efforts.
  • Social media ads and organic posts are effectively capturing leads and nurturing prospects.
  • 75% of consumers are more likely to remain loyal to brands they follow on social media.
  • Consistent engagement and valuable content on social media foster stronger customer loyalty.
  • Social media platforms have over 4.5 billion active users globally in 2024.
  • Social media allows businesses to reach international markets and expand their customer base.


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