Go-Globe, UAE: Winning Profitability For Viessmann With Its Leads Management System

Created: Sep 04, 2016

Updated: May 11, 2024

Managing potential clients or leads management is the job of professionals, if done properly, makes a business successful. For any online setup, inquiries about the business demand wise handling for expected conversions. Leads management system, a web application, has made the task easier for any business hunting for clients. The system operates through different methodologies, practices, and systems to attract potential business clientele. The ultimate purpose is to make a business flourishing.

Go-Globe has worked for Viessmann, one of its happy clients, with yielding leads management system. Team Go-Globe developed the web application having a proper structure to efficiently deal with bulks of business inquiries. Other than just leads management, the application deals with sales management or more appropriately customer relationship management. Happy and satisfied customers come again and again, that’s the philosophy behind developing LMS for Viessmann.

The connection created between the business and customer through leads management system has actually worked for improved profitability for Viessmann. It greatly worked for

  •       Acquiring new customers
  •       Selling to current customers
  •       Building a brand image

That’s what Viessmann had expected from Go-Globe. The web app has also improved the visibility of Viessmann over world wide web. They observed keen internest of the customers to carry on with futufre business deals; team GGo-Globe feels proud of this achievement. The automation of leads handling has brought an ease for Viessmann to focus other business activities.

Leads management system is a process that works for happy convesion of business prospects. Go-Globe has worked deeply on each aspect while developing the system for Viessmann. Few basic steps of leads management system (after lead generation), developed by Go-Globe include

  •       Capturing inquiry
  •       Filtering inquiry for validity
  •       Grading leads
  •       Distributing leads
  •       Contacting for sales
  •       Nurturing leads

If a lead is not managed appropriately, it can prove to be disasterous for a business. Team Go-Globe has clear understanding about this aspect and focused each step while coming up at business-friendly solution for Viessmann.

Viessmann has observed a sharp rise in sales after running the effective leads management program developmed by Go-Globe. To know more about the web application or to share your own business concerns for an effect solution, talk to us.

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