Dun & Bradstreet: Switching To A Professional Look And Feel!

Created: Aug 22, 2016

Updated: May 11, 2024

What is expected from a website?

Users’ Perspective:

Stunning looks, user-friendliness, quick access to clear information, efficient customer support, pleasant site experience

Owner's Perspective:

Attracting more visitors, more conversions, highly yielding, standing apart from the tough competition

GO-Globe feels proud to transform the look and feel of Dun & Bradstreet Consultants as per perspectives mentioned above. It was not just a project, but a professional commitment to help online business community growing at fast pace.

GO-Globe, revolutionizing the website building world since its inception in 2005, has taken revamping of Dun & Bradstreet as a challenge and the team remained successful in its venture. The proof is welcoming response from the audience and satisfaction of the site owners.

The best minds of GO-Globe work on any web designing or web development venture, complying with international standards. Euro management of the company shares the credit as well, imparting a culture where world-class quality can never be compromised.  

Throughout the process of creating a new look and feel, our team strictly adhered to the international standards of building professional websites, giving a real boost to the web image of Dun & Bradstreet.

The most important aspect GO-Globe focused while revamping Dun & Bradstreet was user-friendliness, main ingredient to attract target audiences.  Easy to browse, easy to navigate, and immediate access to company data are strongest points to make site visitors staying for longer and think about conversion.

Social media links at the home page make the website easily accessible at different social channels, while contributing to rapid success and better productivity of the business.

For DnB news or knowledge hunters, there is a quick subscription to newsletter at the home page, a new addition to the site. The news bar reveals more about what’s happening at Dun & Bradstreet. Visitors can move for details. The company and site search is also a pleasant addition for site users demanding quick information in few clicks. All these features have made the site more interactive for site users.

High return on investment is the dream of Dun & Bradstreet just like any other business. They are ready to invest in activities that support piling up ROI. Considering international standards while revamping the website has made it standing apart from other rivals in the industry. The new website provides clear information to the site visitors about the business. They can stay and browse different portions of the site. Smooth navigation, stronger call to actions are meant to support quick browsing, improving the chances of reaching at a deal, leading to high profitability for the business.     

Information architecture is refurbished in the new site, making it more attractive and user-friendly. Interactive user interface has given Dun & Bradstreet a visible uplift. It leaves less space for user frustration, which otherwise leads to site abandonment. The new look and feel of the website is truly reflective of the concept, “users decide in first few seconds whether to stay at a site or leave it”. Gladly, the new site is catchy to attract and engage the site visitors.

Want to see the difference between “what Dun & Bradstreet was” and “what Dun & Bradstreet is”? Click here!

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