Color Psychology Of Web Design [Infographic]

Created: Dec 30, 2020

Updated: June 19, 2024

Executive officers and product managers often change the color of their website according to their personal taste. But colors are more than a nice design feature. Colors are a psychological phenomenon. As psychological literature describes it, colors trigger various emotional and psychological reactions.

For web design and the use of colors to improve conversions and sales, studies show that colors influence up to 90 percent of an initial impression. Colors can generate optimal responses and they can drive sales. You can improve your brand recognition by 80 percent through colors. The use of green as your primary color for your website can improve traffic by three percent.

When you know about the colors, you can use their effects. Everyone loves blue. If you want to emphasize the price advantage of your products or services, choose orange. If you want to lay emphasis on a high level of trust, choose blue. When you seek elegance, sleekness, and glamour, choose black.

There is a lot to learn about the individual effects of each color. You can use bright primary colors for your call to action. Or you can use just two colors for easier brand recognition by your customers. A color wheel will help you in choosing the right color combination. Elaborate color models like the Kolenda Color Model can help you to get the right details for your website. But despite all support and help available, the psychology of color will always be a form of art.

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