Chatbots Meet Snapchat: The Perfect Duo for Modern Engagement

Created: Jul 07, 2023

Updated: April 25, 2024

Snapchat is a messaging software that enables users to send and receive 'Snaps', or different types of content, such as images, messages, and videos. Snaps are only visible on consumers' screens for a brief period of time before vanishing. You have the option of sending a "Snap" to just one other person or posting it to your "Story" for all of your contacts. If you select this setting, your contacts can view this for 24 hours before it vanishes and can be located in your archives. Snapchat offers several AI-driven features that enhance the user experience and allow for more engaging interactions. Some of these include Snapchat's “My AI” chatbot, Snapchat Filters and Lenses, Snap Map, Snapchat Discover and Snapchat’s Caption and Sticker Suggestions.

Snapchat’s “My AI” chatbot

Recently, the race to integrate Artificial Intelligence, since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, has been gaining pace and user friendliness. From having the best AI writing apps to Microsoft coming out with Bing, AI is everywhere. Social media too, as it turns out, is not exempt from this technology. Snapchat is the first to join the race and has announced that it is rolling out its own AI chatbot. Integration of AI with Snapchat is a major advancement in the social media space, where the chatbot “My AI”, powered by ChatGPT, is designed to help users with various tasks, suggestions, reminders and short research on a plethora of topics. My AI is a computer program designed to have conversations and dialogue with users like a person. As you input information, either by typing or speaking, it responds to you.
Snapchat My AI is built on the OpenAI GPT platform and most likely makes use of the GPT 3.5 language model. Since it uses the same technology as other ChatGPT-like apps, it functions in a similar manner. Snapchat does, however, note that the user's interactions with the AI improve as time goes on. So, in a sense, the chatbot changes as you talk to it. Having conversations with the new Snapchat My AI bot can help you get to learn more about it.
While initially limited, Snapchat Plus users across the world received access to this chatbot first. It is now widely available to all Snapchat users for free. Isn’t that amazing? It is interesting to see how Snapchat My AI is faring against some of the best ChatGPT alternatives. Well, what do you think about Snapchat adding an AI chatbot to its Gen Z messaging app?

Functions of “My AI”

When you ask a question, “My AI” researches the relevant databases, compiles facts, and creates an answer. My AI learns more about you and gets more tailored to your interactions as you interact with it. In My AI, Snapchat is also experimenting with sponsored links. Brands will be able to reach Snapchat users through the chatbot, thanks to this new feature.
The new AI chatbot, however, is capable of a wide range of other tasks. My AI can arrange travel, propose birthday present ideas, provide cooking suggestions, help you with your research on any specific topic, whether it is politics, economy, technology, art & culture, and more. However, this ChatGPT version isn't entirely portable. You may give Snapchat AI a unique name and even alter its chat background because it helps you like a friend.

Storing Conversations with “My AI”

The snapchat AI chatbot also has the distinct feature of storing your conversations with the chatbot. Discussions and queries discussed with the chatbot are saved under the chat tab. Until they are removed, the records are still there. Although there may be some privacy concerns with this, Snapchat servers are typically secure, so your data should be protected. However, you may use the instructions to get the Snapchat AI chatbot removed from your feed if you don't like this feature. The ability to store information has been a blessing for some, however, some users do not like this feature and consider it a complete breach of privacy.

Accessing Location with “My AI”

In addition to storing your conversations, Snapchat also keeps track of your city-level location. According to the business, this information will be utilized to enhance the AI chatbot. Additionally, this will be applied to enhance the company's goods and deliver a more specialized advertising experience. Your data may also be used by Snap to improve Snap’s products and personalize your experience, including ads.

Snapchat’s Filters and Lenses

Real-time face, object, and movement tracking is possible with Snapchat's filters and lenses thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology. In order to apply different filters, effects, and augmented reality aspects to users' photographs and videos, AI algorithms analyze face traits and movement. Interactive and dynamic visual experiences are offered by these AI-powered filters and lenses.

Snap Maps

Users may get real-time location-based information from Snap Map thanks to AI algorithms. You may use it to find your friends on a map, look up new restaurants and cinemas to visit as per their reviews, learn about trending events and shopping malls, use it as a feature in your daily routine to reach destinations, search for breaking news and the developments taking place in your region, and worldwide, and look through user-generated material from various regions. In order to provide pertinent and individualized information on the map, the AI technology assists in data aggregation and analysis.

Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover is a page on Snapchat that's basically a news feed. On it, you'll find content in the story format from news publishers, also known as publishing partners, such as The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and other content from influencers for brands. Users' material is curated and personalized for the usage of AI-based algorithms in Snapchat's Discover section. To suggest appropriate articles, videos, news, and other material from multiple sources, the platform analyzes users' interests, preferences, and viewing patterns. AI aids in the selection and display of content optimisation to improve user browsing experience.

Snapchat Stickers

Images that you may include on photos (or "snaps") or videos that you upload on the Snapchat app are known as Snapchat stickers. These images may be ones that users or Snapchat itself has contributed. There are several different Snapchat stickers available, including Bitmojis, GIFs, and SnapChat emojis. Snapchat gives you suggestions to include different types of stickers, with relation to the story you post, or the message you are sharing with a person, also with regards to the context of that message. When posting on snapchat, the AI technology examines the Snap's content, including its items, faces, and language. This saves users a lot of time, and eliminates the hassle of trying hard to be unrealistically creative when including a sticker.

Snapchat Captions

Sharing a caption or quotation on snapchat provides a certain context, humor, or personality in the story you share. It is one of the most crucial components of doing so. A terrific way to express yourself, convey your ideas or emotions, or just spice up your Snapchat story is using captions and quotations. Whether you’re posting a funny meme, a beautiful selfie, or a touching moment with friends, finding the perfect caption or quote can take your post to the next level. Snapchat uses AI to propose relevant and contextually appropriate captions when you type a caption to your story. In order to provide relevant ideas, the AI technology examines the Snap's content, including its items, faces, and language. This saves users time and gives their postings a playful touch.

Chatbots Meet Snapchat: The Perfect Duo for Modern Engagement

  • Snapchat Ranks as the 12th Most Popular Social Media Platform Worldwide
  • According to Snapchat, an average of 5+ billion snaps are created every day
  • On Average, Users Spend About 30 Minutes on Snapchat Per Day
  • Females dominate the Snapchat platform, making up 52.9% of its user base
  • In 2023, Snapchat is estimated to have 525.7 million users worldwide, up from 493.9 million users in 2022, with an increase of around 6.4%
  • In 20+ Countries, Snapchat reaches 90% of the 13-24 year old population
  • Over 250 Million Snapchat Users Engage With Augmented Reality, Daily
  • 64% of Snap Ads Are Viewed With the Sound On
  • 55% of Gen Z Have Ad Recall After Watching 0 to 2 Seconds of an Ad
  • Snapchat Users Hold $4.4 Trillion in Global Spending Power
  • 39% of Users consult friends and family on purchases via Snapchat, while 35% of users send snaps to people while browsing.
  • More than 300 million Snapchatters engage with the Snap Map every month
  • Snapchat’s advertising audience reach grew by 11.0% over the past 12 months
  • As of April 2023, roughly 8.2% of all the people on Earth use Snapchat today
  • 37% of businesses use Artificial Intelligence, and it is estimated to increase productivity by up to 40%
  • The global AI market value is expected to reach $267 billion by 2027.
  • 28% of companies use AI for marketing purposes
  • Around 71% of people believe that AI is more innovative than people.
  • 44% of businesses use AI technologies to lower operational costs.
  • Businesses with more than 100,000 employees are more likely to have a strategy that implements AI.
  • 12% of businesses use AI for content creation.
  • 84% of global business organizations believe that AI will give them a competitive advantage.
  • By 2027, 80% of retail companies anticipate using AI in some capacity.
  • Only 19% of adults believe that AI will improve productivity in their workplace.
  • In 2023, Snapchat is already working on the next iteration of its Spectacles AR glasses, and aims to have its augmented reality (AR)-based advertising account for 10% of its overall ad income
Based on the advertising audience reach numbers published in Snapchat’s self-service tools in April 2023, the latest data shows that:
  1. India - 182.4 million active Snapchat users
  2. USA - 108.8 million active Snapchat users
  3. Pakistan - 26.4 million active Snapchat users
  4. France - 25.9 million active Snapchat users
  5. UK - 23.2 million active Snapchat users
  6. Saudi Arabia - 21.8 million active Snapchat users
  7. Germany - 18.7 million active Snapchat users
  8. Mexico - 17.2 million active Snapchat users
  9. Iraq - 16.8 million active Snapchat users
  10. Egypt - 15.7 million active Snapchat users


Snapchat’s continuous development and innovation, due to its integration with AI, has been unprecedented. As AI evolves, the constant addition of distinct features such as “My AI” chatbot, Snapchat discover and captions sections, include many other features to be rolled out in the future. With the first of its kind, other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn will look to enhance the usage of AI on their platforms, and also try to integrate more AI-based features in the next five years.

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