B2B Marketing Trends [Infographic]

Sep 29, 2022

The whole pandemic has caused B2B marketing entities to make a lot of changes to their strategies and processes. From the disappearance of face-to-face to blurring the distinctions between B2B and B2C, there have been some drastic changes. Today, companies that use other companies products and services want to be treated like B2C customers, according to some statistics.

It means that B2B Marketers must be ready to evaluate their marketing plan of action. There is been an incredible growth of technologies like AI, voice recognition, and automation in the marketing sector. According to statistics, Now B2B marketing strategies have plans to make use of these technologies.

B2B Marketing Trends

Core B2B Marketing Statistics

41% of Businesses Have their inhouse team to analyse the marketing trend, making plans & strategize execution.
6% of Businesses Completely depend on third-party agencies
90% of Businesses Depend on email marketing to distribute content to their customers
90% of Businesses See content as a strong medium to build brand awareness as well as faith in customers
61% of Businesses Depend on PPC ads to distribute content and generate more leads
68% of Businesses Using automation in some way
83% of Businesses Made quick changes to their content marketing, and 86% expect some of the changes to stay in effect for the foreseeable future

Where did B2B marketers plan to invest?

47% of Businesses Plan to increase their use of AI
46% of Businesses Plan to invest in ABM
45% of Businesses Plan to increase their use of social media/ social marketing tools
43% of Businesses Plan to increase investment and use in marketing analytics tools
38% of Businesses Plan to increase their use of CDPs
11% of Businesses Plan to invest in voice optimisation in 2021

How will consumer behaviour change?

44% of Consumers Would like access to an ROI calculator for buying decisions
73% of Consumer involved in B2B research and decision making are millennials, with over 1/3 being the sole decision maker
21% of Consumers Use analyst rankings and reports, which decreased by 15% in 2020.
63% of Millennials now prefer live chats over any other channel
Only 20% of Consumers Hope to return to in-person sales
73% of Consumers Open to making self-serve or remote purchases in excess of $50,000

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