5 Enterprise Tools to Track Performance of Your Employees Working Remotely

Nov 01, 2021

With the COVID in action, only the wind and worms peeped through into the offices. With each passing day and the people restricted to their homes, their piles of money began to deplete. To counter the financial crisis of both employers and employees ends, outsourcing and remote work uplifted like never before. 

To carry out activities of daily life through the digital world, tracking of your employees during office hours has become a subject of concern. The employers have no eyes to keep them in check. Despite the lower development rates and a flexible environment for utmost productivity, there was always the possibility of experiencing an unprofessional attitude and distractions at home. 

Remote work has become a standard. From big companies to small size businesses, everybody hires workers from remote locations. You must know how they are handling their employees who are not even in front of their eyes. 

Employee Monitoring

Be ‘Hundred Eyes’ with Employee monitoring tools and keep track of his every activity. Employee Monitoring tools not only manages office hours, schedules, workloads but also tracks keyboard activities, locations and on-site activities. You can track according to the preferences by creating different segments for different types of employees. 

From tracking their active and inactive hours to the insight of even the key they press, Employee Monitoring tools will keep you updated on every minor activity. Let us provide you information about some tools that help in tracking the performance of your employees.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is full of advanced features that track your employee from 360 angles. Time Doctor keeps track of project management, time management, time tracking, activities on the internet. Time Doctor also helps you take the attendance of your employees. It asks for reasons if employees are absent for some time.

Time Doctor includes features like invoicing in the mobile app or integrations like Asana and taking screenshots from user’s webcams. Companies like Apple and Verizon use this tool to keep a check on their employees. What else does Time Doctor offer?

  • It is easy to use and accurate in capturing productive and unproductive time.
  • It supports integrations with Slack, Asana, GoogleApps, Github, Trello, Zoho CRM etc.
  • It works with all popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android.


A cloud-based service for monitoring remote workers, ActivTrak allows the employer to track the daily tasks and behaviour of the employees. With solid monitoring capabilities and an intuitive interface, ActivTrak is suitable for all sized businesses. ActivTrak promises the privacy of both parties. However, it features screenshot recording.

Let us have a brief perspective of what ActivTrak offers.

  • It monitors employee’s activities effectively such as screenshot recording, video exporting. 
  • ActivTrak also serves with automatic alarm notifications and flexible customisation. 
  • Two-factor authentication promises your security, whereas it is also a fully cloud-based tool. 
  • It offers only applications for iOS and Android and integrations with the Active Directory. 
  • Employers have the option to block unwanted websites and applications. 


From tracking activities, recording actions and preventing data theft, InterGuard has the ability to store all data related to employees on the interface even when there is no internet connection. The stored data includes logs, alerts, replays, audit trails and behavioural standardisation. 

InterGuard gives exclusive access to employee’s emails, messages, files, browser history, programs and geo-location. It secures and controls your data by blocking unauthorised requests. InterGuard even accesses the location of the infiltrators. Know more.

  • InterGuard analyses the websites you are spending on, and measures whether it is productive or not. 
  • It allows you to take legal action by providing you with the evidence through logs. 
  • InterGuard alerts you of any suspicious activity from your employee. InterGuard takes care of careless and malicious employees who tries to breach your data from within. 


Kick out of your office whoever is idle and lazy. Kickidler is a powerful tool that controls the productivity of your employees in the workplace. Kickidler serves you with an advanced timekeeping system. It also includes control over sick leaves, vacations, business trips, breaks and lunchtime. 

Kickidler allows you to view screenshots in real-time. It keeps logs of total hours worked, check-in and out time, productive and unproductive time. Kickidler mentions activities like job searching or visiting entertaining websites as violations. Are you short of time? Here you go

  • It provides you exclusive control over your employees.
  • You can find out the statistics about the efficiency of different teams and employees.
  • It serves you with the detection of irregularities. 


An automatic time tracking program that serves you insights into how employees spend their work at their workstations. With Workpuls, you can monitor the activities, analyze the productivity and track the time spent on the projects. Workpuls make controlling your remote workers easier. 

With the features of screenshots, real-time overview, tracking computer policy, timekeeping functions, verified attendance, data policy, Sensitive information security, User Behavior Analysis, Workpuls stand as the ideal choice for small businesses. The pulses of Workpuls:

  • Workpuls enables you to inspect the application and websites your employees are using.
  • It automatically takes screenshots for the attendance and work proof. 
  • The ultimate timekeeper accesses data retroactively and keeps track of check-in and check out.
  • Other than payroll integrations such as PayPal, Pioneer and QuickBooks, WorkPuls gives performance analytics access to both employee and client. 

Final Words

Track your employees and their activities. Too much flexible environment makes a person lazy. Keep an eye on them for the phenomenal execution of your project. For professional developers and designers for your project, you can consider web design company Dubai

Goodbye. Until we meet again. 

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