Custom Development

Custom development offers several benefits over pre made template based projects. While templates may be more affordable and quicker to implement, the long-term benefits of custom development often outweigh the short-term cost and time investment. Here are some benefits of custom development over templates:

Tailored to your business needs
Scalability, flexibility, longevity
Better performance & security
Competitive advantage & revenue
Greater control & ownership
Unique features, functionality & design
Better performance and security
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GO international development cycle includes:

Clients are our partners, if their business is flourishing, their success is ours as well. Main goal is to achieve for them profit and public positive image so they can easily compete with any competitors globally.


Client Objectives
Available Resources
Idea Generation
Layout, Usability and Functionality


Project Mapping + Structure
Demo Corrections
Detailed Enhancements
Project Development


Quality Assurance
Support and Promotion

Technical support

Regular updates
Content Management
Performance Tracking

Custom Development

Could a ready made car race? Probably. Could it compete? Maybe. Could it win? No! Custom means "made or performed to personal order". In modern e-business, the only successful solutions are the customs ones that we provide here at GO-Globe. It begins with in-depth analysis and a detailed understanding of your business; setting the right strategy with the right know how. This process will lead to the profit and success your business deserves. We customise every aspect of your project, from planning to promotion. We think for your success. We offer: efficiency, uniqueness, speed, security, scalability, flexibility, functionality and optimisation.

E-commerce development
Content management system (CMS)
User management modules development
Social media integration
Analytics modules integration and customisation
Payment gateway integration
Customer Relation Management integration (CRM)
Email marketing & Social media integration
Inventory, Shipping and logistics management
Testing & Deployment

Web Portals Development

A web portal is a single point of access of information to make fast and accurate business decisions. Web portals should be user-friendly, interactive and functional.  The future of web portals development is likely to be driven by a focus on user-centric design, personalization, and integration with other platforms and services, while also prioritizing user privacy and accessibility.

Benefits of web portals include business efficiency, rapid deployment, increased security, and efficient collaboration.


Anywhere, anytime access
Multiple access & Multitasking support
Portal members access only
Improved communication
Easy user customization
Instant notifications & Actions
Easy community connection
Dynamic content changes
Secure access point, and many others
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Core Business Web Based Application

Web-based application like websites can be accessed over a network connection using a URL. Web browsers are great tools they can run on. However, web-based applications also constitute a formidable part of the program downloaded to a user’s desktop. Most of the processing is conducted over the internet on an external server. Web-based applications are also referred to as web apps.

The best way to distribute web based apps is to use for them for running back end business as internet speed is getting only faster. Web apps are the future of an unbeatable trend. A few web based directions we have expertise on include:

E-Commerce Design Development & Business performance
B2B & B2C Marketplace Development
Logistics & Payment Gateway Integration
ERP & CRM Development
Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Chat Bots integration & Intelligent Automation Security & Dedicated Cloud Hosting
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Mobile Design & Development

The mobile revolution has connected over 5 billion people with consumers using their smart phones as the preferred mean to shop, eat, navigate and pay. We can provide the delivery of the very best mobile app design and development.

Client satisfaction is always our primary aim. We will strategise, design and collaborate to bring the best results for our clients.

Some of the major gains of mobile developments include integration of mobile user; amplifying learner engagement and future proofing training content.

At GO-Globe, the three types of mobile app development services we offer include Web Apps, Native Apps and Hybrid.

Business Analysis & Consulting
User Experience Testing
Information architecture
SEO & Web Analytics
Logos, stationery design
And many more
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Web Apps

The sole aim of web apps is to target the audiences of multiple platforms from a single app. Browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox are needed by a web app to run. Web apps have the following benefits: Scalability, web based software compatibility and no physical download (install, download and manage).

The best way to distribute web based apps is to use for them for running back end business as internet speed is getting only faster. Web apps are the future of an unbeatable trend. A few web based directions we have expertise on include:

Intranet and Extranet
Web Application Interfaces
Web Portals
Social Network Applications
Custom Product Catalogs
Reservation Systems
Customer Relationship Management, and many more
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Native App Development

Native apps are best suited to those looking to enhance the user experience and target the smartphone consumer.

The benefits of native apps includes quality and best performance, secure, more interactive and intuitive, and it gives room for developers to access the full feature set of devices and with fewer bugs during development.

The need for Native Apps includes:

Take storage space on user device
Broad functionalities using the device capabilities
Fast and responsive software performance
Encourages more user engagement
Gain user attention through push notifications
Suitable for any future extension
Quality assurance through app store ratings
Take advantage of new Apple and Android features

Hybrid App Development

If you are looking to provide your customers with a native app experience on the web, then there would be a need to develop an app once and then deployed on multiple device types. The benefits of hybrid apps include enhancing user experience, availability, speed and ease of integration.

The need for Hybrid Apps includes:

Can store locally but on server side
Can be distributed via app stores or search engines
Same user experience as of native app
Faster and low cost
No need for a web browser, runs in a simplified instead
Can store locally but on server side
Can be distributed via app stores or search engines
Same user experience as of native app
Faster and low cost
No need for a web browser, runs in a simplified instead
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Content Management Platforms

Content Management Platforms, CMPs provide organizations with a centralized platform for managing and publishing digital content, streamlining workflows, and improving collaboration and productivity, improved site maintenance, allows multiple users, easier for the non-technical mind, helps change design and manages content. CMPs can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations and industries, making them a valuable tool for content marketing and digital transformation. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager are some of the types of CMPs that GO-Globe Team can help you with.

CMPs benefits:

Easier Management of Web Contents
Extendable functionality
Simple and easy to use
Reduces unnecessary costs and time for simple site updates
Control what users can see and publish content in real-time
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Performance Optimization

Performance optimization is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and refinement. By identifying and addressing areas of improvement, websites and applications can provide a faster and more efficient user experience. Performance optimisation is the process of streamlining web content and ensuring a server can load a web page efficiently. Our experts are actively involved in the monitoring and analysis of performance problems from a server side and the client side to identify ways of improving the working site.

Major benefits of performance optimization include: Compliance assurance, increased access to accurate information, performance monitoring capabilities, and reduction in wastefulness.

Fewer HTTP requests
File compression for improving site responsiveness
Browser cache leveraging
Code minimization
Image sizes reduction with great quality
Cloud-based website monitoring adoption
Setting up of SSL certificate/ HTTPS
Database optimization by creating indexes for faster access
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Security & Hosting

Secure hosting is vital in the fight against viruses and unethical systems; these measures work to ensure the smooth running of your website. GO-Globe ensures that your website does include corrupt data and that your server is running without delay.

The benefits of security and hosting include increased data security, reduced operating cost, improved performance, better compliance, server monitoring, support anywhere and anytime, improved brand reputation, no need for extra support staff and backup of all progress made. The need for Security and Hosting includes:

99% up-time and uninterrupted email services
24/7 monitoring with high-speed access to all internet up-links
Control panel with user-friendly applications
Secure email access from anywhere using POP/SMTP/IMAP or web mail
CSF/IP table based firewall technology
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A successful business is built on passion and hard work.
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