Small Business Website Statistics You Must Know

Did you know more than 60% of small businesses do not have a website whereas 55% of small businesses intent to create a website in next two years. 83% of small  businesses who already have a business website feel they have a competitive advantage over other who doesn’t.  Being too small to have a website is the most common reason according to 35% of small businesses for not having a website followed by - Do not think it would help business (24%) and lack of technical expertise to manage website (21%). Check out our below infographic "Small business Websites - Statistics and Trends" for more information.


Small business Websites Statistics

Infographic by Ecommerce Web Design  Qatar

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Top Reasons for small businesses not having a dedicated website

 Reasons %age
Too small to have a website 35%
Do not think it would help their business 24%
Lack technical expertise to manage website 21%
Too expensive 20%
Do not have time to create one 17%

80% of small business owners who do not have website are yet to register their domain name.

48% of small businesses who plan to create a website expect their business to grow 25% or more within next 3-5 years.

Common functions of Small Business website

Functions %age
Providing General Information 80%
Customer service 45%
Capture Leads 35%
E-commerce 30%
Reservation/Appointments 15%
Posting a Blog 13%

48% of small business owners plan to sell goods online within first year of having a website.

84% of small business owners say their website must be mobile friendly.

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