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GO-Globe, a market leader in Corporate Web Application & Custom Development, E-Commence, ERP, Corporate Identify Building, Hosting, Business Advisory and many more services. We take pride in the provision of unique and fair engagement policies for a diverse range of sectors and industries spanning across the globe. Established in Dubai in 2005, our clients range from governments to royal families, from corporates to charities.

What makes us different?

Premier provider of custom web development solutions with a proven track record of excellence since 2005. As experts in the field, GO-Globe offer tailored solutions that align with unique business goals, giving you a competitive edge in the online marketplace.

International standards adherence

Since 2005, 700+ Projects, 50+ Experts, 460+ Clients, 28+ Locations, almost 20 years experience

European management

With headquarters in Dubai, agents in Europe, GCC, Africa, Asia

Proven global success

Shell, LG, Rolex, Saudi Cables, Governments, Fujifilm, Mitsubishi and many more...

Corporate specialization

Deeper Value Propositions, shorter learning curve & higher conversions for your business

Total focus on your ROI

Return on Investment for B2B, B2C or B2G incl. feasibility studies and online business optimization

Lifetime technical support

Constant support is the key for your business, we are here for you 24/7/365

Modern Online management

World Class Project Management, Real Time Updates, Instant Collaboration, Time saver

Customized approach

Assisting in achieving profitable goals with a professional and business effective way

Direct tech communication

One on One personal meetings with technical experts, project managers and top management

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Our clients are our partners; the success of your business is our mutual goal. Our sole aim is your success, to build your profits and establish a public image that will allow you to compete in any global market.
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Web Hosting Saudi Arabia

Set up in 2005, GO-Globe is a top-notch web development firm located in the Middle East with reps in Saudi Arabia. GO-Globe focuses on offering splendid custom services to government bodies, corporate establishments, and associations to help them achieve their optimal technological goals. GO-Globe has a glorious standing in Saudi Arabia for ideal delivery in executing customers' visions and phenomenal customer service.

GO-Globe's capacity goes past web development and design to web hosting.  In general hosting is the practice of storing and making websites accessible on the internet. There are several types of hosting, each catering to different needs.

Shared hosting involves multiple websites sharing resources on a single server, suitable for smaller websites with limited traffic. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provides a dedicated portion of a server, offering more control and scalability.

Dedicated hosting offers an entire server exclusively for one website, ideal for high-traffic or resource-intensive sites. Cloud hosting utilizes a network of servers to ensure reliability and scalability. Managed WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress sites, while reseller hosting allows individuals to sell hosting services to others. Each hosting type offers varying levels of performance, control, and pricing to accommodate a range of online needs.

Host with peace of mind

Web Hosting in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Mecca

Also referred to as a web host, a web hosting organization is an internet service that affords government organizations, enterprises, and individuals the chance to introduce their websites to the World Wide Web.

Like other web hosts, we provide space on our server, Internet network, data space, and Internet connectivity for various servers in our data center (colocation).

GO-Globe offers solutions to assist with overhauling your organizational or enterprise security, flexibility, speed, adaptability, and usefulness to help you succeed. We offer small (web page and small-scale file hosting) and larger hosting services with database support and application development platforms. Our small and large hosting deals with writing and installing scripts for forums and content organization.

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GO-Globe Web Hosting Service

GO-Globe offers other hosting services in Saudi Arabia, including Home Servers, File and Image hosting, Blog hosting, Shopping cart hosting, and Email hosting.

GO-Globe web hosting services in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Mecca, etc. to help you with employing the right strategies to overhaul your resources. GO-Globe web hosting assists you with achieving your organizational goals and empowers your business to encounter optimal development.

Shared Web Hosting: GO-Globe puts your website on a server with various sites, sharing server assets.
Reseller Web Hosting: GO-Globe allows the clients to become web hosts and provide their technical support.
Dedicated Hosting: GO-Globe gives clients their server with full control over it, including full managerial access, where the client is responsible for the security and upkeep of the server.
Managed Hosting Service: GO-Globe leases a server to their client without giving them full control over it and with the ability to manage their data remotely.
Colocation Web Hosting: The client owns the server, and GO-Globe provides the physical space for the server in Saudi Arabia and maintains the server.
Cloud Hosting: GO-Globe provides cloud hosting services in Saudi Arabia. Our Saudi Arabia cloud hosting services provide our clients with reliable cloud hosting with load-balanced servers and utility billing. We charge customers subject to the utilities they use.
Grid Hosting: GO-Globe offers distributed hosting for its clients in Saudi Arabia.
Clustered Hosting: GO-Globe allows various servers to host the same content to better use their client's resources.
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  • Awards Nominees

    SME Awards Finalist

    GO-Globe are proud to announce that they have been selected by the SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) as a finalist. GO-Globe continues to provide Custom Development, E-Commerce, ERP, Extranet, Web portals and other business web tools since 2005. Globe Capital and MEED-Global Data, now in their 8th year stay committed to recognizing and celebrating the most resilient, agile and innovative SME’s in the GCC.
  • achievement

    The 1st Real Estate Portal in the Middle East launched

    GO-Globe was the 1st portal developer who developed in 2005 number of web portals including the 1st Real Estate portal in the Middle East (GO-Estates, GO-Jobs, GO-Gears, GO-Bazaar, etc.)
  • Awards Nominees

    The User Interface Design Agency

    GO-Globe has been named the user interface design agency of the November 2019 by TDA - one of the leading authority sites for digital marketing and is trusted by decision-makers around the world.
  • Awards Nominees

    Best Real Estate Agency Qatar Award

    GO-Globe Web Design Dubai is proud to announce that one of our web designs won an award at the Arabian Property Awards 2014. We won the “Best Real Estate Agency Qatar” for our client website MD Properties at the awards which are sponsored by Rolls-Royce. This served as an inspiring holiday present for our creative and talented Web Design team.
  • Awards Nominees

    10 Best Corporate Business Service Providers in the Middle East

    GO-Globe shortlisted for '10 Best Corporate Business Service Providers from Middle East - 2023' by industryoutreach.in, a monthly Global magazine with subscribers across the Middle East
  • Awards Nominees

    Finalist of the UAE Business Awards 2023

    UK based UAE Business Awards 2023, proudly hosted by MEA Markets. MEA Business Awards a variety of industries and sectors in our search for the region’s finest businesses.
  • Awards Nominees

    GO-Globe: Company of the Year 2023

    We are pleased to announce that GO-Globe has been selected as the Gulf Company of the Year 2023 under the ERP Software Solutions vertical. Our editorial board was impressed by your company’s incredible story, leadership strategies, and ability to embrace change. We believe that your story can inspire and educate others about what it takes to be a successful business.
  • Awards Nominees

    Top 25 Technology CEOs in the UAE of 2023

    Proud to be named among UAE's Top 25 Technology CEOs 2023. Our innovation and commitment drive us forward. Thanks to our clients, partners, and team.

What Our Clients Say

Many thanks guys you are a stars! Everything looks good, time to go live!
Hanadi Salman
Project & Communications Advisor
This all looks great!
Fliur-Louise Genevieve
Executive Assistant
Beautifully done, very crisp!
Motaz Ben Saoud
Business Development and Marketing Head
Excellent - thank you! Good job!
Peter von Werden
Manager Knowledge Base & Content management
Really nice stuff, thanks for your hard work!
Major Steadman
Digital Director
Excellent work, this is exactly what we are looking for!
Roy Chason
Assistant Director Marketing
The online application and website looks great. Great job guys, thank you.
Jasamin Fichte
Managing Partner
Thanks for the efforts and support. Good job done!
Saravana Natesh
General Manager
Excellent work, this is exactly what we were looking for.
Elizabeth Hill
Marketing Director
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