11 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For 2017

Created: Apr 07, 2017

Updated: May 11, 2024

There are many reasons to stay up to date with latest web trends. First and foremost you need inspiration to create excellent work. Polish your design habits by visiting sites as CSS design. Learn about the new world of visual communication. Speak through your graphical language. Watch others work to analyze and improve yours. With today’s fast paced developing technology time is money and you have got to pace up with ongoing trends everyday. Make a h3 lasting impression on users.

Now check out what else is waiting for us in web design trends in 2017.

1.  Bold Typography:

Every homepage today includes bold type phase. When the rest of the content on the page is simple, clean and minimal.

2.  Cinemagraphs:

High-quality videos and GIFs are called Cinemagraphs. To add interest and compel visual search, movement is added to static images and overall pages. It helps visitors and spectators stay longer than a hurried glance.

3.  Experimental Compositions:

To stand out in a sea of tidy masonry style layouts you need to work efficiently on the compositions. Until recently the design world was dominated by compositions which were closed, symmetric, and static. Open compositions of loosely suspended elements on screen are gaining popularity. Distribute letters and shapes.

4.  Bright Gradients

Kaleidoscopic gradients are the new pinned trend. Make a two or tri-tone gradient washed homepage to give a fresh effect.

5.  Straightforward, Simple Text:

Some websites are eliminating images and major content. They just input a few taglines and skimmed text to notify visitors online about their company. Modern approach about information procession is short, uncluttered and simple. Visitors should view your work sample from portfolio displayed and read about the services.

6.  Illustration:

Illustrative visuals are becoming more popular these days. Companies are heading towards illustrators more and more now. To add a little character to your site illustrated touch can crisp up the outlook. Flat images were a minimalist way, illustration injects fancy details to your site. Flat images are shy whereas illustrations are charming cartoonish sketched visuals.

7.  Minimalism:

Good designers today are treading towards unconventional ways to design a website. By just showing necessary details. Just add links to your desired selections, portfolio and social profiles.

8.  Duotone:

The two tone contemporary color scheme looks very cool. This cutting edge technique grabs users with its more focused outlook that is displayed in two colors.

9.  Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text:

Going against the traditional horizontal alignment technique. Designers experiment placing text vertically and horizontally in a variable manner.

10.  Geometric Shapes and Patterns:

Impulsive patterns and shapes are used more frequently than ever now on websites. Patterned and textured designs are created with flat designs.

11.  Overlapped Text and Images:

Mostly seen on blogs and portfolios images overlapped by some text is an ongoing trend as well. This effect helps your website stand out in the first look.

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