Cross-Platform App Development: Why is it Important for Boosting Sales of an E-Store?

Nov 21, 2021

Are you an e-store owner, who wishes to improve brand sales? Do you want to make your brand more accessible, and the shopping experience more user-friendly?

If so, you should consider a cross-platform app for your brand.

To give you an idea of the benefits of cross-platform apps, we are here with the top 5 ways a cross-platform app can boost brand revenue.

But first, let's try to understand what is meant by a cross-platform app.

What is a cross-platform app?

An app that works on multiple platforms is called a cross-platform app. Developing such an app comes under the realm of cross-platform app development. If an app works on both android, ios and windows, it would be called a cross-platform app. If an app works only on ios, it won’t be cross-platform.

Apps like Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, etc. work across platforms that is why they are available to all types of mobile users.

5 ways a cross-platform app boosts revenue

Below are the top 5 reasons a cross-platform app can be beneficial for your online store. The points mentioned below have been enlisted based on their popularity and proven effectiveness.

1. Wider reach

According to a 2019 survey by Statistica, 51% of mobile users claimed that they had used an app to shop online in the first month of 2019.

A 2018 report by App Annie, stated that the hours spent on online shopping via an app increased by 45% from 2016.

These numbers indicate that the trend of shopping through an app is rising.

A June 2019 survey by Statistica showed that Apple’s Ios and Google’s Android held 99% of the global mobile operating system share in June 2021.

Thus, if your app works on one platform only, you won’t be able to reach customers that use ios or phones with other operating systems. If your app works on multiple platforms, you will get access to a larger audience that will in turn help improve brand revenue. To stay up to date, it’s important for e-store owners to maintain a strong online presence and work on apps, across platforms.

2. Reduced Cost and time

If you want to target mobile users from different platforms, you will need to work on multiple apps. For multiple apps, you will need more developers and that will cost you a good amount. You will spend more time developing, integrating, deploying, and testing the app.

On the other hand, if you are working on a single cross-platform app, you will save time and that will save you a ton of money. Also, you will require a lesser number of developers so you can save on their salaries as well.

A single app has a single codebase that requires less time to develop. It takes less time to deploy and test on multiple platforms. Plus, the time saved can be spent on other profitable areas which indirectly helps generate more revenue.

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3. Easier updates and changes

To stay up to date and to improve user experience with time, updating apps is crucial. If you provide users with a seamless shopping experience, that will positively impact brand sales.

A cross-platform app has a single base code. If a developer wants to update, he can make changes in the code that will be implemented across platforms. On the other hand, if you have multiple apps for multiple platforms, you will make changes in the code for each app.

That will take a lot of time and effort! Another reason why cross-platform apps are great is that if any bugs are spotted, they can easily be taken care of. On a single code, you can do alterations that take effect on all platforms.

4. Spot on cloud integration

Cloud integration is a process that brings software, repositories, IT environments, and applications in one place. Through cloud integration, services and data can be accessed from any device over the internet or through a network.

A cross-platform app can easily be integrated to a cloud network. A cloud platform helps in maintaining apps and offers versatility across platforms.

Cloud integration makes brand operations easier, faster and helps in making data-driven decisions. With apps and software easily integrated to the cloud, a brand has a stronger control on its IT framework. That indirectly helps improve brand sales.

5. Easier to find developers

A company that wishes to continually make progress requires talented individuals. For quality app development, developers that are well aware of different platforms and tools are needed. If you hire someone to develop separate apps for each platform, you will need a developer who knows all platforms well. You might need to hire multiple developers and that will be time-consuming.

In the case of cross-platform apps, they are developed on common programming languages. For that reason, it’s easier to find talent for such apps as there is a broader development base. Saving time in recruitment can greatly help a brand focus on other fruitful areas.


In this article, we went through the definition and benefits of cross-platform apps.

Cross-platform apps are programmed to operate on different platforms. They are time and cost-effective, and are easier to update, alter and are based on common programming languages, making development easier.

With cross-platform apps, you can maximize your reach. You can target more and more people each day. It also becomes easier to recruit developers as you don’t need one for each platform.

Keeping the above advantages in mind, we also need to understand that every business is unique. Each brand has different aims, products, strategies, and outlook. Therefore, we recommend you take into account all the important areas of your business before you dive into app development.

We hope this article was useful. Check out more informative articles like this one on our website.

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