E-commerce In China – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

Learn more about latest E-commerce statistics and trends of the country with highest online population i.e China. The country has more than 564 million internet users and is growing at rate of 4 million users per month.

Infographic by- GO-Globe

E-commerce In China - Statistics and Trends

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Market Share Percentage Of Major Search Engines in China

Search Engines Market Share ( Dec 2012)
Baidu 71.76
Qihoo So.com 10.39
Sogou 7.92
Google 5.07
Tencent Soso.com 3.73
Bing 0.52


Number of Online Buyers in China Between 2011-2016

Year Online Buyers (In Millions)
2011 178.4
2012 219.8
2013 270.9
2014 322.1
2015 374.9
2016 423.4


B2C E-commerce Sales in China Between 2011-2016

Year Sales ( In Billions) %age change
2011 $55.37 103.7%
2012 $107.48 94.1%
2013 $177.40 65.1%
2014 $284.84 60.6%
2015 $372.73 30.9%
2016 $457.60 22.8%


In 2010, 23% percent of China’s urban population shopped online. This figure will go up to 44% (nearly double) by 2015.

By 2015, eCommerce will represent 7.4 percent of China’s total retail value.

On average, shipping cost in China is $1 for 1 kilogram, whereas it is $6 to ship 1 kilogram to the United States.

40% of China’s online shoppers read and post reviews – more than double the number in the United States.

The biggest online shopping event in China is Bachelor’s Day (Nov 11).

The Most Popular Online Payment Methods in China

Payment Methods %age Of Usage
Alipay 47%
Tenpay 21%
Online Bank Transfer 11%
99Bill 6%
China PnR 6%
YeePay 4%
Others 5%


Top 10 E-commerce Sites in China controls Market Share of more than 65%

eCommerce Sites Market Share (%age)
Tmall.com 39.9%
360Buy.com 14.7%
Suning.com 2.4%
Amazon.cn 2.2%
Dangdang.com 1.6%
Vancl.com 1.5%
51Buy.com 1.1%
Coo8.com 1%
NewEgg.com.cn 0.7%
YiHaoDian.com 0.7%


Top Reasons Why Chinese Consumers Shop Online

Reasons %age
Anytime shopping 28%
Low price 25%
Convenience 18%
Easy to compare product prices 7%
More choices 4%
Free delivery 1%
Detailed product info 1%
Easier to find favorite brand 1%

One RESPONSES TO “E-commerce In China – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

  1. William V.

    Great stats!

    It is becoming more and more evident that etailers (online retailers) cannot ignore or postpone any initiatives of reaching the China market.

    The quick adoption of web and mobile technology has a huge influence on consumer behavior in the China market. The most obvious being consumers are becoming more and more impatient and will not tolerate a slow loading sites. The more time a site takes to load / complete a transaction, the higher the abandon rate.

    Etailers must consider web performance being one of the most critical elements to success. What is the site’s average load time in more remote areas? Are there transaction latencies? Are there fail safe routing protocols in place in case of a server outage? Is the site compliant with creditable security standards? How these questions are addressed directly affects a site’s end user experience… which ultimately impacts conversion rates.

    Thank you for the wonderful infographic.

    William V.
    Marketer @ CDNetworks.com

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