Cross Device Marketing - Statistics and Trends

Created: Jun 20, 2017

Updated: June 19, 2024

Did you know an average digital consumer now own 3.64 digital devices and according to 74% of marketers matching customers across multiple devices is one of their top priorities.Check out our infographic to know more about the state of The Cross Device Marketing and latest statistics and trends.

Cross Device Marketing and Advertising

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80% of consumers bounce between devices and 40% of online transactions involve multiple devices along the way.

Customers who shop on more than one channel have a 30% higher Lifetime Value than those who shop on only one.

71% of customers react negatively to inconsistencies in brand experience across devices

More than 70% of consumers now using three or more connected devices

67% of people have used multiple devices sequentially to shop online, 31% of customers who turned to digital channels for their last purchase used multiple devices along the way.

83% of consumers see value in being recognized with personalized experience across all devices.

25% of all cross device transactions completed on desktop started on a smartphone and 35% of all completed on smartphone started on a desktop.

More than half (51%) of marketers said they have separate, non-connected technologies managing data for different channels.

Cross-device attribution insights can reduce cost per action by 30 percent to 50 percent and increase ROI by 50 percent to 100 percent.




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