Consumer Behavior as the Benefit for Web Designing

Created: Sep 19, 2015

Updated: May 11, 2024

Be it a shirt, a phone, a new application to hit the market soon, or a website for that matter, everything needs proper planning throughout. From the designing phase to the promo phase, everything requires planning; which tends to be the most difficult task of all.

What makes the design such a difficult task? It is not all about the color scheming, or the patterns and layouts all over, but it is more about understanding the depth of what might interest your viewers enough to trigger all their senses and make them go as you plan. Pretty tricky I must say!

Knowing the what, where and why of your customer on time can easily push you to the top of their list of most efficient in no time! And that is exactly where you want to be if you want to be known.

The interests that trigger customers into taking drastic measures to go as we plan and have been mentioned earlier are entirely made up of the elements used in the design, the careful placing for these action calls, the ease of access to the customers, and the overall presentation of your website or application.

The first thing a designer needs to know while designing a website or web application is the consumer behavior. It is necessary to consider planning according to a normal user as you feel would be an easy concept to grasp, convenient and smoothly guides them to the next step automatically. In short, the emphasis must be on an attempt to provide an ease of access to your users at all times.

Color Psychology:

With the help of color psychology, be prepared to change the way anyone has ever seen the web with the way you paint is your way through their lives!

Thinking a few things out, like what it is that you intend to accomplish does have its own way of paying off in the future. Once you know what image you intend to transfer in the customer’s mind, a color that seems to reflect that image will automatically popup in your mind like a magic. You may want to read the psychology of colors as in how different color affects the behavior of the customers.

Pretty Pictures:

Everyone knows the truth behind the brand photo shoots and how they all contain the true essence of what has become so common nowadays; Photoshop. The brands use such high quality edited images to lure in the crowd by depicting the idea that their brand offers one the chance to look like them in real life, thus making the models look more attractive and appealing than usual.

In this part of your journey you need to target each and every one of the categories in the market. You need to keep a close eye out for these particular items on your list regarding imagery.

The list should be of:

  • High-Resolution images
  • Matches the theme of your website and does not come off as an item out of place.
  • Each main page of the website should contain its own image to explain what is yet to be seen.
  • The usage of retina images to support Mac Pro users would be the wisest move ever!
  • Height of attractiveness – on the top of the world!

Call-to-Action Buttons

What are call-to-action buttons exactly? Well, basically they are those simple elements on which you wish your users to click on like “See more”, “Buy Now” or “Learn More” etc. these simple buttons are doing exactly what their title says, which is calling the user to action. It is pretty simple no?

Wait for it. This is where it gets tricky. The task may be simple as the title refers to; it is the designing that brings you down. You need to make sure you follow up on a few rules that would help to reassure you that it will be profitable by helping you generate a return on investments.

What you need to do for the action buttons:

  • The bigger, the better. Just not too big that it covers most of the screen.
  • Set the position right. Anything out of line just looks a bit off-key
  • Alternate colors that mesh well but allows the button to have a pop that catches attention instantaneously.
  • There must be a white border or some space around it so that it makes it look clickable.
  • The tense you should use is active urgent ensuring the customer it is a do-or-die moment and they have to click it right then and there!

Creating Urgency

It is important to add in a certain factor to make it look like the opportunity will not last; hence making it look like it is now or never for the customer. Messages like these tend to be incredibly effective at creating a sense of urgency which pushes the customers to act upon whatever it is you are offering whether they are even sure or not about how it might turn out for them but in any case it will save them a few bucks they would spend later.

Lead the Way

Consider a navigation bar mandatory. Without the help of navigation bar you make half of your users lost about where to start and make them disappear within the site. The navigation bar guides them through the website to know what it is they are to find.

You need to make it simple yet classy. This means, you need to avoid any complications like, adding only icons and skipping out on the titles because not everyone is familiar or at ease while navigating through them and it might only end up with them leaving.

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