Often-Neglected Components of a Product Page That Can Boost Your Website Conversion Rate

Created: Jun 09, 2017

Updated: June 19, 2024

The product page of a website is where the last act of your magic transpires. It is the decisive phase that can either result in loyal patrons or disappointed leads.

It is often seen that the home page of a website is given all the due attention. It is always adorned with intuitive layout, distinct colors, and neat fonts among many other. However, the same level of attention is rarely bestowed upon product pages. Consequently, due to the under utilization of effective product page elements, only a mere handful of conversion takes place.

Since a product page is where the customers take a microscopic look at the offerings, a bit of attention to the following elements can result in voluminous conversions.

Improve Buyer Turnover with Multiple Payment Gateways

We, the humans, have the natural inclination to take control of everything. It is especially true when we are shelling out a hefty amount on a product or service.

We believe it should be up to us, the customer, to decide how we evaluate (test drive) a product or what payment do we use.

Forrester, a research and advisory firm, conducted a study on shopping cart abandonment reasons. According to the research, it was found that 26% of purchasers would abandon the shopping cart if they are not provided with their preferred payment gateway. In fact, half of the shoppers would cancel the purchase.

Yugov, an international survey firm, also found that almost half of the regular online buyers prefer to purchase from online stores that offer flexible payment gateways.

Prominent fashion stores, like ASOS, provide their shoppers with multiple payment options. By offering payment gateway flexibility, you give your customers the payment convenience they seek and hence ensure successful checkouts.


Put Your Website Page Load Speed on Steroids

According to an eye-tracking study conducted in 2012, it takes website visitors less than 2 seconds to form an opinion of a webpage. The study clearly indicates the importance of faster and efficient web pages.

Unfortunately, page load speed is among the often-ignored elements that increase conversions.

Given that the era we live in is technology-savvy and requires faster transmission of information, having a faster page load speed is more essential than ever.

Having slow-loading web pages would just annoy the user and end up users escaping to faster and more efficient websites.

A good example of a faster website can be Amazon. Although the store has a massive inventory of product pages, it maintains faster load time and hence more conversions.


Integrate Elements that Build Customers’ Trust

Humans are picky when it comes to what we eat, where we eat, who we want to befriend with, or who do we like to do business with. When it comes to business, we want to work with or do business with only those who we know or trust.

However, earning the trust and confidence of customers isn’t easy. Not at all! But, you don’t have any other way to make them spend their greens on your product unless you gain their trust.

Talking about gaining customer trust on web pages, there are a number of ways you can go about. For starters, you can add customer reviews to the page. Research shows that almost 90% of users don’t make a purchase until they read the reviews first.

Or, you can also add SSL certificates or “Trust Seals” to the product page to make the customers feel at ease when making the purchase.

The power of trust seals can better be understood from a split test conducted by Bluefountainmedia, a full-service digital marketing agency. The firm conducted a test on its “Request a Quote” page, with the control page having a generic 100% privacy text and the version page having a “VeriSign Trusted” seal. To their surprise, the version page saw a 42% percent increase in conversion.

Use the Indispensable Marketing Force, Videos

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If so, then what a video would worth? I say a bucket full of crazy sales!

Videos have now become an absolutely necessary marketing-weaponry in your arsenal. It is mainly because our mind is hardwired to absorb visual content faster than textual content.

A video statistics presented by Invodo shows, “4 out of 5 shoppers say a video showing how a product or service works is important.”

An ideal example can be taken from a study conducted by StacksandStacks, an online houseware retailer. The marketing director of the retail website reports that customers who view video on the product pages are 144% more likely to add the product to the cart than those who don’t view it.

There are no hard and fast rules about using any specific type of video.

The video can be about the product in action as we can see on Amazon.

Or, it can be of a product manufacturing process as seen on Apple’s website.

The possibilities are limitless.

Dedicate More Legwork to Product Copy

One of the most overlooked components of a highly-converting page is the absence of a great copy. It is widely observed that small to medium brands or retailers would just throw away a list of product’s features and deem it done when it comes to product copy or description.

Listing only the features, heavily plagued with buzzwords, don’t do justice with the product. It doesn’t define the purpose of the product or what it can actually do. In short, listing features alone don’t state what the product is for.

Big brands like Apple Inc. know it best and as a result they invest more in polishing the web copy than just the web page’s aesthetics.

RenttheRunway, an online rent a dress website, takes product copy to a whole new level. The website don’t just list the usual product description, i.e., product material, size and fit, but it also lists the styler’s note and recommendations, detailing what accessories, undergarment or body type would best fit the dress.


Product page is a delicate area of your website. It is decisive phase where the user can either turn into a customer or a disappointed lead. Experiment with the above-listed elements and see what difference in conversion would they make for your website.




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