Courier and Logistics Management System

This software streamlines your shipping and order fulfillment. Imagine a central hub for everything, from order placement to delivery. You can track shipments, manage inventory, and ensure smooth customer fulfillment – all in one place!

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Accounts (Administrator, Employee, Customer)

In the hierarchical structure of our system, the Administrator plays a pivotal role, overseeing user accounts, defining permissions, and exercising control over the system's overarching settings. This ensures a secure and well-regulated operational environment.

On the frontline, the Employee module engages in pivotal tasks, processing orders, managing shipping intricacies, and, depending on assigned permissions, overseeing inventory. Their multifaceted role contributes to the seamless execution of day-to-day operations within the system.

Meanwhile, the Customer interface caters to end-users, offering functionalities like tracking shipment status, accessing invoices, and potentially placing orders directly—particularly if seamlessly integrated with an online store. This user-centric approach enhances accessibility and engagement, fostering a positive interaction between the system and its patrons.

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Reports (Shipment, To Ship, To Pay, To Paid)

Shipment Reports offer a detailed overview of individual shipments, providing real-time information on current location and estimated delivery times. This transparency ensures customers and stakeholders stay informed throughout the shipping process, enhancing overall satisfaction.

To Ship Reports play a proactive role, identifying pending orders slated for shipping. This functionality aids in efficient planning and resource allocation, optimizing the logistics chain for timely deliveries.

To Pay Reports offer a comprehensive view of outstanding shipping costs, categorized by carriers or customers. This financial insight facilitates better cost management and strategic decision-making in the shipping domain.

To Paid Reports conclude the cycle, enabling the tracking of paid shipping invoices and facilitating financial reconciliation related to shipment costs. This holistic approach ensures a well-monitored and financially sound shipping process.

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Shipping & Booking

The Add Shipping module empowers users, whether employees or customers, to seamlessly create shipping orders. This user-friendly feature allows input of vital shipment details, such as recipient information, package weight and dimensions, and preferred shipping service.

Complementing this, the Online Booking module offers customers the convenience of booking shipments directly through a web portal. With the ability to choose shipping services, input package details, and schedule pickups or drop-offs, this streamlined process enhances customer autonomy and expedites the shipping workflow.

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