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GO-Globe is a leader in Corporate Web Development & Custom Development since 2005. With a new age of communication we open doorways and bring people together through their shared common goals, interests and beliefs.

Corporate specialization 
International Standards Adherence 
European Management & Dubai Hq
Proven Global Success
International Offices in Dubai, Bahrain, KSA, Prague, and more
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GO Globe pulsates with an ever-expanding team of international creatives, developers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. The experience and market knowledge, global reach and cultural diversity allows us to understand any market, whatever your location on the globe. With a new age of communication, we open doors and bring people together through their shared common goals, interests and beliefs; with the use of video conferences, messengers, community apps and news feeds.

The International collaboration that our team offers allows us to solve any challenges you may face; somewhere within our team one of us has been there before. Our philosophy and drive is to bridge the financial gap between priced services and provide for the smallest start-up to the largest global corporation. We use our expertise to bring simplicity to your complex business needs.

Corporate specialization
International standards adherence
European management & Dubai HQ
Proven global success
Customized approach = total ROI
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What makes GO-Globe different

We set up our company on the principle of a successful operation: Strong leadership, Talented and dedicated teammates, Focus on customer satisfaction, Innovative products or services, Effective marketing and branding, Financial Stability, Strong performance, adaptability, and agility. Here are a few other successful formulas we incorporated:


Complete A-Z custom development cycle
Firm Adherence to the International Development Standards
Standard Operating Procedures to Adapt Corporate Development
Finest Quality Outputs and Open-Pricing Policy
Excellent Communication for Local and Overseas Projects
Clients are Encouraged to Monitor the Project’s Progress Online
Thorough Quality & User Experience Tests Going Live
Our Projects Consist of Clients from The Whole World
International Offices in Dubai, Bahrain, KSA, Prague, and more

Expanding Horizons: Our Locations, Your Global Advantage

At GO-Globe.com, our locations in the thriving hubs of Dubai and Bahrain uniquely position us to bridge businesses across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. With roots planted in these strategic crossroads of the emerging markets world, we tap into diverse cultures, ideas, and talents to better serve our global clientele.

Dubai’s rise as a financial, technological, and entrepreneurial center connecting Europe and Asia enables us to plug into new innovations and solutions for building cutting-edge websites and applications. Meanwhile, Bahrain’s central location in the Gulf and proximity to the massive economies of Saudi Arabia and Africa allows us to incorporate regional insights and localize content for broader Middle Eastern markets.

With one foot in the established Gulf and the other foot stepping towards emerging frontier markets, our tech team blends experience and stability with fresh thinking and new opportunities. Clients gain sector-specific expertise fine-tuned for their geography, leveraging the best resources from three continents. Our talent and technology pipeline mixes global capabilities with local relevance, providing digital services as diverse and dynamic as our region itself.

History in Brief

GO-Globe.com, custom technologies, formerly known as GO-Gulf.com, was formed in Dubai in 2005 by Prague citizen and current CEO Karel Zeman (domain registered on September 18, 2004 at 16:26:15 GMT +4) initially as a web portal development company with its products that inspired many others back in 2005 until now. With past projects such as 1st Real Estate Web Portal GO-Estates and its subprojects GO-Gears, GO-Jobs, GO-Bazaar, etc., GO-Globe has evolved from a web portal development company into a full-fledged, international and online development company for more, welcome to review the Projects section.

Karel's enthusiasm to fulfil corporate needs stems from his years of experience working for the world's leading corporations. Experience with Reckitt Benckiser, Xerox, Metro AG, PepsiCo, Czech Republic Diplomatic Corps, Dubai Internet City, training and corporate experience, travelling 50+ countries, living in China for 8 years, Kuwait for 2 years, Finland for 1.5 years, and Bahrain for the past few years with frequent business trips to Dubai. He enjoys snowboarding and ice hockey, reading about the latest technological news, watching documentaries, and listening to a wide range of music.

Through his extensive experience with diverse corporations, we have sharpened our talents. GO-Globe benefits from daily educational training programs based on the experiences gained in these top-known world corporations of which Karel was a part. Welcome; you can contact him directly at karel[at]go-globe[dot]com.

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GO-Globe creates professional technical relationships with our partners which ensure profitability for both sides. The success of these relationships gives GO-Globe a family feel. We have contacts across the globe to solve any problem your business may stumble across. These successful partnerships continue to bring about mutual growth.

The benefits of technological partnerships can include:

a/ we can gain mutual access to new technology to help improve the company's products or services, increase its efficiency, and reduce costs
b/ we can share expertise together with complementary expertise, pool our knowledges and resources to achieve common goals, to work on innovative solutions and new products and services
c/ by sharing resources and expertise, we can help to improve the efficiency of both companies, this can lead to cost savings, improved productivity, and faster time-to-market
d/ technological partnerships can help spread the risk associated with developing new technology or entering new markets, we could reduce our exposures to potential losses
e/ we gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the strengths of both companies. This can help differentiate our products and services from those of our competitors.

We want to continue to build new and exciting partnerships with a range of corporations and creatives all over the globe!

Let's Partner Together

Community support

GO-Globe is a member of a worldwide community that is enthusiastic to work with non-profit organizations and charities, such as orphanages, homes for the elderly, and the disabled. We love helping the world community, to support any non-profit organization through promoting, developing a web and custom-developed products that will help endorse their cause.

Supporting our community is very important for several reasons:

A strong community is essential for creating a sense of belonging and connection with others. It helps us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves and fosters social connections and relationships that can improve our overall well-being.
Supporting our community helps to address social and economic issues that affect individuals and families within our community.
Supporting our community can also have a positive impact on the environment.
Overall, supporting our community is an essential aspect of creating a more connected, compassionate, and sustainable society.
GO team is ready to Support

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