Web Design Trends of Fortune 500 Companies [Infographic]

Our Infographic “Web Design Trends of Fortune 500 Companies” covers the the trends and facts related to home page design of Fortune 500 Companies.

Infographic by - GO-Globe

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93% of Fortune 500 companies had Logo in Top Left Corner

27% of Logos Include a Tagline or Slogan

63% of companies have content above the fold , User have to scroll in remaining 37% websites to find content

87% of websites has search field

50% of websites features a scrolling content window of some kind

47% of website has clear call to action buttons on their homepage that take users 3 seconds or less to find.

Only 11% of Fortune 500 websites has social media links above the fold and 89% below the fold

60% of Companies feature latest News and Blog Posts on their homepage

Contact Information was hard to find on 63% of Fortune 500 Companies

More than 80% of companies do not have newsletter signup feature on their Homepage

More than 70% of Fortune 500 Companies use Favicon Icons

Average loading time of homepage is 6.5 seconds and size of Homepage is 766 Kb

Average width of website 877 Pixels

Only 3% of websites use Flash to display content throughout the entire homepage.

80% of websites use a primarily light background and color scheme

93% of websites have centered approach navigation

63% of websites use high quality images on their homepage to connect with users

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  1. Kristina

    Great INFOGRAPHIC and stats! these practices should be considered by every business if they are looking to optimize the user experience. Thanks for putting this together, I will definitely be sharing it.

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