The ultimate guide to search marketing jargon [Infographic]

Created: Jun 18, 2020

Updated: May 22, 2023

Everyone wants their website to be easily found on google or other search engines. To be successful with your digital business, you need successful marketing. In this way, you will increase the quality and quantity of website traffic which leads to more sales. Most business owners and executive directors have no time to do all the details of optimizing technological and content requirements for their marketing themselves.

So, they ask the Search Engine Optimization, SEO, experts for help. There are more than 10 million companies and experts available to provide services in the tasks of SEO. But, they’re hard to understand. They use a special marketing jargon with a lot of special terms and vocabulary. And as technology and methods of digital marketing advance quickly, there are new terms every year.

There are many dictionaries and glossaries available online. These contain a few hundred special terms about search marketing and technical details of the internet. But to get started, you should know the terminology of google, their robots and systems. There is Googlebot, Caffeine, and ranker, which process the SEO, SERP, and PPC.

And there is all kinds of content details to create high-ranking pages. To do your content marketing right, you need to utilize E.A.T., infographics, and keywords correctly. And you need to be familiar with the new SEO Jargon for 2020. There are zero-click searches, Influencers, Voice Search Optimization, and Local SEO to lift your marketing to the next level if you ask your marketeer for it.

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