Social Media Marketing Industry [Infographic]

October 11, 2012

Our Infographic “Social Media Marketing Industry” covers the latest Social Media Trends, Social Media Challenges, Strategy of social media marketers and lot more.

Infographic by – GO-Globe

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Top 10 challenges marketers face in Social Media Marketing

  • Measuring the effect of Social Media Marketing
  • Finding target audience
  • Engaging with target audience
  • Selling products and services on Social media sites
  • Increasing productivity to maximize social media results
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Identifying the most effective social media techniques
  • Finding efficient tools to manage social media plans
  • Using Different social media platforms
  • Finding the best social media platform for business


Why Marketers prefer Social Media Marketing –



Increased Business Exposure85%
Increase in Traffic69%
Better Marketplace Insight65%
Generated Leads58%
Building loyal community58%
Improved search engine rankings55%
Grew Business partnerships51%
Reduced marketing expenses46%
Improved sales40%

Most Commonly used Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools%age
Youtube + Video sharing sites57%
Photo sharing sites ( Pinterest/ Flickr/Instagram)21%
Social Bookmarking sites16%
Geo-Location Sites ( Foursquare)14%
Daily Deal Sites ( Groupon)6%

94% of marketers have used social media to promote their businesses. Out of which 83% think that Social Media is Important for their business

How experienced are Social Media Marketers

More than 3 years16%
1-3 Years40%
6 – 12 months23%
Less than 6 months17%
No experience4%

Weekly Time Spent on Social Media Marketing

Weekly Time Spent%age
Less than 1 Hour3.5%
1-5 hours37.7%
6-10 hours26.2%
11-15 hours10.6%
16-20 hours7.6%
21-30 hours7.1%
31-40 hours4.4%
More than 402.9%

How Marketers are planning to change their Social Media Efforts in Future

Social Media PlatformIncreaseDecreaseStay SameNo Plans
Youtube /Video Marketing76%1%14%10%
Photo Sharing Sites ( Pinterest /Instagram /Flickr)38%1%21%40%
Social Bookmarking Sites31%2%22%45%
Geo-Location Sites ( Foursquare)23%1%19%57%
Daily Deal Sites ( Groupon)12%3%13%72%

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