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A corporate identity is a way of describing the distinctive character of your business in the online marketplace. It is on the basis of this identity that customers build and maintain their relationship with your business and it endures even when structures and operations change over time.

GO-Globe will evaluate your corporate identity and work to position you appropriately in the market. We have creative expertise to design your logo, business cards, brochures, letterheads and many other Identity related items.

Please contact us and let our consultancy specialists help you crystalize your corporate identity.

Web Design

Visibility in the online marketplace is key to engaging with potential customers, especially in the light of the competition. Potential customers are searching for information via search engines continuously. Search engine optimization is your key to being first in the customer’s mind.

GO-Globe uses recognized, recommended and organic techniques for search engine optimization. These techniques have proven to be so successful that we guarantee first page results for your website using standard popular search engines (like Google).

Please contact us and let our SEO specialists help you get onto the first page of results.

Web Design

Competitive analysis and business consulting are services offered by GO-Globe to maximize your return on investment in the global digital business environment. We adopt a collaborative approach to workshop around the answers to these simple questions:

  •    What is my competitive advantage?
  •    How well does my online platform connect with a typical user?
  •    Am I attracting new clients?
  •    What new features do my clients need from me?
  •    What should be my target market?
  •    What are my competitors doing better than me?
  •    What are the things I can do that will give me the biggest impact immediately?

Please contact us and let our consultancy specialists advise you on further details.

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