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Mobile Advertising In China – Statistics And Trends

September 2, 2014

Online shopping through smartphones is at an all-time high in China. Recently, PwC China took a survey of Chinese smartphone owners to find out how they respond to online Ads. 78% of respondents stated that they would be happy to view and respond to an Ad if the content held relevance for them. Needless to say, savvy businesses are quick to leverage the always-on smartphone Chinese consumer’s attention with relevant Ads. This helps them connect to their market intimately, targeting the right person in the right place.

Did you know that mobile based advertising comprises 10% of China’s digital Ad revenues and 3.5 percent of total Ad revenue? We have several more interesting statistics for you in the following infographic, “Mobile Advertising In China – Statistics And Trends”. Read on!

Mobile Advertising In China - Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- GO Globe China

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71% of smartphone users in China have used their devices to purchase merchandise from a website.

98% of smartphone users have used their smartphones from the beginning of the shopping process to the end.

Around 21% of e-commerce giant Alibaba’s orders came from mobile devices in 2013.

Estimated Size Of Chinese Mobile Advertising Market (RMB Millions)

YearRMB (in millions)


How Mobile Advertisers Identify Their Target Audience

 By Criteria%age
By interests76%
By online purchase history50%
By current location40%
Types of sites visited on mobile phones36%
Types of sites visited on PCsor tablets30%
By previous offline purchase history20%
By route to work18%
By keywords used in your email16%
By keywords used in your texts14%
By your name14%
By keywords used in phone calls12%


Mobile Advertising Format

 Format type%age
Mobile coupon33%
In-app Ads8%


78% of Chinese smartphone users are more likely to click a mobile Ad if the content is relevant them, compared to 33% and 29% in the UK and US.

Chinese Smartphone Users’ Biggest Mobile Advertising Concerns

Too intrusive30%
Crosses the line in to my personal space22%
Not able to turn them off20%
Too many13%
Not relevant8%


Best Time To Target Mobile Ads

 Time %age
On the way to work29%
At work8%
Over the weekend24%
None of the above21%


Only 7% of Chinese smartphone users do not prefer to be targeted by mobile Ads. In the UK and the US, this figure translates to 52% and 56%.

Preferred Targeting Frequency For Mobile Ads By Chinese Smartphone Users

Targeting Frequency%age
Not at all7%


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