How much food do developers eat? [Infographic]

Created: Jan 30, 2020

Updated: May 22, 2023

Programming and software development are a brain demanding tasks. To keep your coding motor running you need a constant input of food. Or maybe you don’t need food at all to excel! However, there are 25 million software developers all over the world who burn an average of 2619 calories a day.

From this average of 2.5 kilograms of food a day, a programmer burns 1.5 calories per minute when thinking hard. This often continues for 18 hours a day sitting in front of the screen, drinking Mountain Dew and eating pizza.

Developers Food Insights

Infographics by GO-Globe Web Design Cape Town

But not all developers are created equal. Despite their common crave for caffeine. There are two different breeds of developers. Some are caring for their bodies and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The others have just chosen the most convenient ways of eating.

Healthy developers drink a lot of water. They eat smart with 100% whole-wheat and lots of omega and vitamin supplements. They know one cup of blueberries enhances working memory and prevents aging, and caffeine from tea and coffee gives the boost.

Then there are the developers who praise the top 5 of junk food. They make more 12% of their food intake sugar and fat. For them, the most important thing is, that you can eat your food with one hand while continuing to program. So cold pizza and canned drinks are their favorites. All rounded up with up to 10 cups of espresso.

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