Solutions - Intranet & Extranet

Extranet & Intranet Development, Integration

An intranet is a mini private network which allows employees to communicate between each other. The following are the benefits of Intranet:

Effective control over operational expenditure
Minimizing the administrative expenditure
Seamless workflow
Excellent Analytical data at finger tips
Excellent Customer Relations

Intranet Features GO-Globe provides:

  • Company directory
  • Organizational charts and images
  • Internal job postings
  • Search and advanced search
  • Equipment monitoring alerts
  • Company policies and agreement
  • File sharing
  • Messaging system (private messaging)
  • Project summaries and schedules
  • Polls
  • Meeting room booking
  • Shared calendar events
More in Intranet


Extranet is a private network that shares information of a business with its customers, partners, suppliers or vendors in the most secured way. The following are benefits of Extranet:

Exchange of large data volume
Sharing information with partners
Collaboration with other companies
And many more
Product catalog sharing

Integration of Extranet & Intranet

With the integration of Extranet and Intranet, GO-Globe provides an all-in-one solution for internal and external business communication. This unified business process reduces errors and cost of product integration as a result of a centralised administration console. This integrated platform introduces single security policy, which contains single sign on access, unified antivirus and anti-hacker tools.

Intranet & Extranet Customization

GO-Globe understand that every business is unique and has its own specific needs. That's why we offer a wide range of customization options for our Intranet & Extranet solutions. Whether you're looking to customize the design, add specific features, or integrate with other systems, our team can help you create a solution that fits your business perfectly.