Intranet & Extranet

Our GO Intranet & Extranet solution offers safe and effective communication networks for businesses. An extranet is a private network that lets a company share certain info and resources with trusted outside users, like suppliers or customers. An intranet is used within a company to share info and resources among its employees.

With our system, your employees and partners can work together and share info easily, while making sure it's safe and only accessible to the right people. Your company's important data stays protected. Benefits of our Intranet & Extranet:

Improved collaboration with external parties
Enhanced customer support
Streamlined supply chain management
Secure sharing of sensitive information
Improved communication within your company
Enhanced knowledge management
Streamlined business processes, Secure file sharing
Employee engagement
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Intranet Modules

An intranet is like a secret club website just for company employees. It's a place where only authorized people in the company can go. It helps with talking better, sharing what we know, doing more work, and keeping employees happy. Plus, it saves money and makes the company feel good. Here are some cool things about it for your company:

Improved communication
Enhanced knowledge sharing
Streamlined business processes
Increased productivity
Improved employee engagement
Cost savings
Improved organizational culture
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Extranet benefits

Extranet is a private network that shares information of a business with your customers, partners, suppliers or vendors in the most secured way. Various extranet modules, components or functionalities that can be included to meet specific organization's business needs and goals. By selecting and implementing the appropriate extranet modules, companies can improve communication, collaboration, and business process efficiency with external parties, ultimately improving overall business performance. Here are some common extranet modules that organizations might consider:

Document management
Collaboration tools
Customer relationship management
Order management
Product information management
Analytics and reporting
Security and access control
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Integration of Intranet & Extranet

By combining Intranet & Extranet, GO-Globe offers a complete package for both inside and outside business talk. This makes everything simpler, cutting down mistakes and costs. Plus, with one security rule, you only need one password for everything, and your stuff stays safe.

Putting intranet and extranet together can help with talking better, working together, and sharing what we know, inside and outside the company. Here are some ways to do it:

Single sign-on, a single set of login credentials, simplifying the login process
Shared user directories, appropriate level of access to resources across both systems
Unified search for information across both the intranet and extranet
Cross-system workflows reducing the time and effort required
Shared content for all users to get an up-to-date information, free of errors and inconsistencies
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Intranet & Extranet Customization

Making your intranet and extranet systems just right for your company can make things better for everyone, like making people more interested, getting more work done, and making it easier to use. At GO-Globe, we know every business is different, so we offer lots of ways to customize Intranet & Extranet. Whether you want to change how it looks, add special things, or connect it with other systems, our team can make it perfect for you. But we always make sure it stays safe and works well. Here are some ways we can customize it:

Navigation and layout
Features and functionalities
Access control
Integration with other systems
Mobile optimization
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