Intranet & Extranet

GO Intranet & Extranet solution, secure and efficient communication networks for businesses, provides a secure and efficient communication platform for businesses. An extranet is a private network that allows an organization to share specific information and resources with authorized external users, such as suppliers, customers, or partners. An intranet is used by an organization to share information and resources among its employees within the company.

With our system, your employees or/and partners can easily collaborate and share information, while maintaining full control over access and security. Your company's valuable data and intellectual property remains protected. Benefits of Intranet & Extranet:

Improved collaboration with external parties
Enhanced customer support
Streamlined supply chain management
Secure sharing of sensitive information
Improved communication within your company
Enhanced knowledge management
Streamlined business processes, Secure file sharing
Employee engagement
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Intranet Modules

An intranet is a private network that is used by companies to share information and resources among its employees. It is in fact an internal website that is accessible only to authorized personnel within the organization. Improve communication, knowledge sharing, productivity, and employee engagement, while also reducing costs and promoting a positive organizational culture. A few great benefits for your company:

Improved communication
Enhanced knowledge sharing
Streamlined business processes
Increased productivity
Improved employee engagement
Cost savings
Improved organizational culture
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Extranet benefits

Extranet is a private network that shares information of a business with your customers, partners, suppliers or vendors in the most secured way. Various extranet modules, components or functionalities that can be included to meet specific organization's business needs and goals. By selecting and implementing the appropriate extranet modules, companies can improve communication, collaboration, and business process efficiency with external parties, ultimately improving overall business performance. Here are some common extranet modules that organizations might consider:

Document management
Collaboration tools
Customer relationship management
Order management
Product information management
Analytics and reporting
Security and access control
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Integration of Intranet & Extranet

With the integration of Intranet & Extranet, GO-Globe provides an all-in-one solution for internal and external business communication. This unified business process reduces errors and cost of product integration as a result of a centralised administration console. This integrated platform introduces single security policy, which contains single sign on access, unified antivirus and anti-hacker tools.

Integration of intranet and extranet can provide several benefits such as improved communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing both within and outside the company. Here are some ways that intranet and extranet integration can be achieved:

Single sign-on, a single set of login credentials, simplifying the login process
Shared user directories, appropriate level of access to resources across both systems
Unified search for information across both the intranet and extranet
Cross-system workflows reducing the time and effort required
Shared content for all users to get an up-to-date information, free of errors and inconsistencies
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Intranet & Extranet Customization

Customization of intranet and extranet systems can provide several benefits to your company, such as improved user engagement, increased productivity, and enhanced user experience. GO-Globe understand that every business is unique and has its own specific needs. That's why we offer a wide range of customization options for Intranet & Extranet. Whether you're looking to customize the design, add specific features, or integrate with other systems, our team can help you create a solution that fits your business perfectly. It is important to ensure that any customizations are designed and implemented in a way that maintains system security and reliability. Here are some options how it can be customized:

Navigation and layout
Features and functionalities
Access control
Integration with other systems
Mobile optimization
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