E-Commerce in Asia - Statistics and Trends

E-commerce sales in Asia are going up; the latest stats indicate that nearly 42% of the entire world’s internet users live in Asia. More than more and more people are using smartphones and smart mobile devices to buy goods online. Given these stats, it’s no wonder that a large percentage of the global B2C e-commerce sales comes from the Asia-Pacific sector. The percentages will only go up, even as smart device technologies improve. If you’re wondering exactly what percentage of people are smart online shoppers in Asia, we’ve got the facts for you in our infographic, “E-commerce in Asia – Statistics and Trends”. Check it out now!



Estimated B2C E-commerce sales in Asia-Pacific (2013-2017)

Year E-commerce Sales (in Billions)
2013 $383.9
2014 $525.2
2015 $681.2
2016 $855.7
2017 $1052.9


Estimated B2C E-Commerce Sales By Country 2013-2016 (In Billions)

Country 2013 2014 2015 2016
China $181.62 $274.57 $358.59 $439.72
Japan $118.59 $127.06 $135.54 $143.13
South Korea $18.52 $20.24 $21.92 $23.71
India $16.32 $20.74 $25.65 $30.31
Indonesia $1.79 $2.60 $3.56 $4.89
Other $25.14 $28.16 $31.53 $34.99


Six out of every 10 dollars spent online in Asia come from China.

43% of the surveyed global internet users looked up better prices or product reviews on their smartphones while product shopping. In China, 74% of the surveyed internet users did the same, as did 62% in India and 58% in Singapore.

37% of Asia-Pacific respondents said they were more likely to purchase goods and services through mobile devices, which is higher than the global average of 26%.

Most Common Types Of Products Purchased Online

 Product Category %age
Consumer Electronics 69%
Books 67%
Clothing & Apparel 63%
Household Goods 38%
Office Supplies 30%
Consumer Packaged Goods 28%
Sporting Goods 20%
Pet Supplies 20%
Food & Groceries 20%
Tools & Home 18%
Luxury Goods 6%


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