E-Commerce in Czech Republic- Statistics and Trends

March 21, 2016

Did you know the estimated amount spent on online shopping by Czechs in 2015 was 81 Billion CZK as compared to 67 Billion CZK in 2014 and at least 42% of Czech shoppers have shopped online in 2015 as compared to 39% in 2014. Check out our infographic “E-commerce in Czech Republic” for latest e-commerce statistics and trends.

E-commerce in Czech Republic

Infographic by GO-Globe Tvorba Webových Stránek Praha

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Estimated amount spent in online shopping by Czechs in 2015 – 81 Billion CZK ( 3 Billion Euros)


YearE-commerce Sales (in Billion CZK)


Estimated number of e-commerce stores in Czech Republic


YearNumber of stores


At least 42% of Czech shoppers have shopped online in 2015 and compared to 39% in 2014.


Online purchases accounted for 8.1% of total retail sales in Czech Republic


27% of domestic e-shop has invested in website optimization for mobile devices,


For every 100 online purchases from Desktop, Czech e-commerce stores receive 43 purchases from Smartphone and 76 purchases from tablet devices.


Czech online shoppers by age –


Age group%age of online users
More than 65 years8%

Most popular e-commerce product categories


Product Category%age
Clothing, footwear22%
Cinema tickets16%
Cosmetics, health. means11%
Electronics (including mobile phones)10%
Sports equipment9%
Flight Tickets8%
Books, magazines7%

Preferred online payment methods

Online payment methods%age
Cash on Delivery38%
Payment upon pickup29%
Online credit card payment13%
Bank transfer9%

Three out of four Czechs who shop online want goods delivered on the day of purchase


Only six percent of Czech consumers are willing to a pay for a premium shipping service.
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Aggregate spending by Czechs for purchases in the last three months:


Estimated aggregate Spending per quarter%age
Less than 1400 CZK22%
1401-2800 CZK30%
2801-14000 CZK38%
over 14 000 CZK6%

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