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E-commerce in Czech Republic- Statistics and Trends

21 Mar 2016

Did you know the estimated amount spent on online shopping by Czechs in 2015 was 81 Billion CZK as compared to 67 Billion CZK in 2014 and at least 42% of Czech shoppers have shopped online in 2015 as compared

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M-commerce in Asia Pacific – Statistics and Trends

05 Feb 2016

Did you know mobile devices now account for 43.3% of overall website traffic in Asia-Pacific and nearly half (45.6%) of all online consumers have made a purchase using their smartphone. Check out our infographic on M-commerce in Asia Pacific for

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E-commerce in Singapore – Statistics and Trends

19 Jan 2016

Estimated e-commerce user penetration in Singapore was at 57.31% in 2015 and is expected to hit 74.20% in 2020. Check out our infographic “E-commerce in Singapore” for latest statistics and trends about E-commerce industry in Singapore. Infographic by GO-Globe Web

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Jingdong in Numbers – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

02 Sep 2015

Check out our infographic for latest statistics and trends about Jingdong (JD.com) , one of the biggest e-commerce websites in China.  Founded in 1998, today Jingdong has more than 21.2% of B2c e-commerce market share in China and more than

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8 2015 Ecommerce Trends You Simply Cannot Ignore

16 Mar 2015

Mobile sales have gone up unprecedentedly in the last few years. The mobile market is more or less redefining ecommerce as we know it. What are the ecommerce trends predicted for 2015? Wouldn’t you like to know? Read on! 1.

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Online Payment in China – Statistics and Trends

04 Mar 2015

The number of online shoppers in China is increasing every day, with China’s online shopping spending expected to hit $1 trillion by 2020. Needless to say, no other country matches China’s online spending score at this point. This figure puts

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Alibaba In Numbers – Statistics And Trends

19 Feb 2015

Alibaba, the famous buy-and-sell marketplace was founded by 18 people, led by a former English teacher from Hangzhou, China. On April 4, 1999, Jack Ma had a vision that took off and has provided employment for thousands of people since

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Online Advertising In Asia Pacific– Statistics And Trends

15 Jan 2015

Businesses are gradually but steadily moving towards digital advertisements as opposed to advertising in traditional media. It comes as no surprise that globally, digital Ad spending now accounts for 25% of the total Ad spending. In the Asia Pacific region

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Chinese Online Shopping – Statistics and Trends

02 Dec 2014

In China, young urban households residing in higher-tier cities with higher incomes represent the largest group of e-commerce shoppers. These are households with incomes exceeding RMB 7,000 per month. Online purchases made by this tier of young urban households belonging

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